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“The oldest tricks in the book”. An overview of reports of burglary by DUMA detainees in Western Australia.

This study arose from a request from the WA Police Strategic Crime Prevention Division to the DUMA team. A brief addendum was developed to identify the behaviours of offenders who commit burglaries and enter premises without permission. The results are the first step in identifying what makes a home or building a prime target for current thieves. While there is statistical information concerning number of reported break-ins in Western Australia, there has been little research conducted to date examining the demographic profile and behaviours of current burglars. This pilot project helped to fill the gap by providing information on the burgle behaviours of detainees who had admitted to committing a burglary or break and enter, even if they have not been caught. Specifically, the snapshot provided an evidence base that will be a valuable resource for the development of effective burglary prevention programs. It is anticipated that this information will also be of value to home and business owners, as well as insurance and security companies.

Funding agency

Australian Institute of Criminology – Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) Project

Project duration

January 2013 - December 2014


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Dr Natalie Gately
Ms Jenny Fleming
Ms Nathalie McGinty
Mr Anthony Scott

In collaboration with The Australian Institute of Criminology and WA Police.

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