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The Young Adult Drug, Alcohol and Attitudes to Mental Health Survey: An investigation of drug use and alcohol use, and attitudes to anxiety and depression of young adults in Western Australia

The previous YADAS project sought to address the gap in previous statistical information relating to the alcohol and drug use prevalence within the 18-35 year old age range, which typically corresponds with the time period of highest drug consumption in a person’s life. This data collection was successful however broadening questionnaire to include attitudes toward mental illness, as proposed by the current study, would be beneficial to identifying trends within these commonly co- occurring issues. The current survey will provide an opportunity to trial an easily-administered, responsive and sensitive instrument to assess perceptions of mental illness and the prevalence and quantity of drug consumption by young adults, potentially on a regular basis. Specifically, the snapshot will provide an evidence base that will be a valuable resource for the development of effective prevention, harm minimisation and intervention programs in Western Australia. Furthermore, the survey has been designed to maximise comparisons with existing databases.

Aligned with this study, the analysis of the identified factors for mental health stigma and substance use will inform the development of a more comprehensive project for regular iterations. The relevant data could be utilised to reliably identify high-risk behaviours and attributes that were predictive of future problems in the community; which would allow the efficient and effective targeting of existing resources.

Funding agency

ECU – Industry Collaboration Grant

Project duration

January 2017 - December 2018

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Dr Natalie Gately
Miss Suzanne Ellis

In collaboration with the Mental Health Commission (WA Health Department)

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