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The Young Adult Drug & Alcohol Survey (YADAS) Project: An investigation of the drug and alcohol use and behaviours of young adults in Western Australia.

The major aim of this project was to develop an easily-administered, responsive, and sensitive instrument to assess the prevalence and quantity of drug consumption by young adults on at regular intervals. An online survey was developed investigating the type, quantity and frequency of use in 5 different categories of both licit and illicit drugs.

Therefore, the aims of this project were twofold;

  • To gain a snapshot of drug use within the 18-30 year old cohort; and
  • To pilot an online data collection survey. The results will be analysed and the tool modified if necessary.

The research utilised an anonymous online survey to investigate the prevalence, quantity and frequency of drug use in adults aged 18-30 years. Participants were recruited via a targeted sampling and snowball technique and gained almost 500 responses over a six month period. The results added to a gap in the knowledge about young adult drug and alcohol use, including some new trends; for example, nearly half of young adults mixed energy drinks with alcohol.

Funding agency


Project duration

January 2014 - December 2015


Related projects


Dr Natalie Gately
Dr Leigh Goggin – Mental Health Commission
Mr Russell Bridle

In collaboration with the Mental Health Commission (WA Health Department)

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