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Cognitive Reflection Processes correlated with Emotion Regulation Processes

This study will investigate whether cognitive reflection capacity and emotion regulation ability are related. A convenience sample of 100 adolescent male and female participants will be obtained through a private Catholic secondary school. Participants will complete a 42 item questionnaire (taken from the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale [DERS] and the Cognitive Reflection Test [CRT]) assessing cognitive and emotion regulation tasks. Data collected will be analysed using Factor Analysis. Results are expected to demonstrate a link between these two processes, and in particular, a high correlation between impulsivity (sub-scale of DERS) and inhibition (CRT). The use of the CRT with adolescents will also be examined.

Funding agency



October 2013


Anne Galambosi (Honours)
Dr Rodrigo Becerra
Dr Guillermo Campitelli

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