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Validation of the Perth Emotional Reactivity Scale

Emotional regulation is considered to be a significant factor in certain mental health conditions, and it is hypothesised that emotional reactivity may also be significant. A reliable measure of emotional reactivity may be of considerable benefit both as a data gathering instrument for future research as well as a practical tool for use in clinical assessment. There is currently a significant lack of a robust, validated measure of emotional reactivity, and this project is intended to investigate the psychometric properties of the Perth Emotional Reactivity Scale (PERS) developed by Becerra and Campitelli (in preparation). The scale is in the form of a likert-item questionnaire containing items intended to explore emotional reactivity along three proposed aspects of Activation, Intensity, and Duration, and will be administered alongside the Emotion Reactivity Scale (ERS) in order to provide comparisons within subjects. Successful completion of this study will provide information on the potential validity of the PERS, along with data on the efficacy of using a computer application developed by the author specifically for the PERS to gather data from participants. Following finalisation of data collection, confirmatory factor analysis of the data will be performed to measure support for the proposed three factor PERS model.

Funding agency



21 October 2013


Glen Scott-Pillow (Honours)
Dr Rodrigo Becerra
Dr Guillermo Campitelli

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