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Lilith’s daughters: Distilling the healing wisdom of women post abortion

Terminating a pregnancy is a meaningful yet complex experience for many women. The social stigma surrounding abortion limits knowledge of how women have made sense of this difficult or intractable decision; including what the decision has meant for a woman’s own growth and sense of herself.

This study seeks to provide women with a supportive and responsive space to relate their unique circumstances surrounding an abortion(s) and their personal responses to the termination of a pregnancy. The study focuses on how terminating a pregnancy impacts upon a woman’s sense of herself and her relationships as well as how the decision may reflect a woman’s sense of her self.

It is intended that this study will serve post abortion women as well as healing or healthcare practitioners, by providing them with a balanced resource (a book) which depicts a range of ways in which women have responded to and integrated the experience of abortion.

To participate

Please visit the project website and sign up to participate under the ‘participate’ tab. Your participation options include an anonymous online survey, a journal option (hard copy or online) and a personal interview (in person, telephone or Skype).


Miriam Rose Brooker (PhD Candidate)
Dr Lekkie Hopkins (PhD Supervisor)

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