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Reports of burglary by detainees in Western Australia

The oldest tricks in the book. An overview of reports of burglary by Drug Use Monitoring Australia (DUMA) detainees in Western Australia. 

Discussions with the Western Australia Police Strategic Crime Prevention Division identified a need to identify the behaviours and patterns of offenders who commit burglaries and enter premises without permission.

A DUMA addendum was therefore designed, to provide information on the planning process of burglaries, the disposal of property, and the decision making factors that burglars use to determine whether a property is vulnerable to break-in.

Research questions

1. How do burglars plan and target homes for break and entering?
2. What timeframe is used in the commission of burglary?
3. What is the usual value of goods stolen and how are they off-loaded?
4. What do burglars perceive as the most common mistakes property owners make in enabling the burglary to take place?


Industry partners

Western Australia Police and the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Funding body

Australian Institute of Criminology.

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