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The young adult drug and alcohol survey

The aim of this project is to develop a simple, easily administered, responsive and sensitive survey to assess the prevalence and quantity of consumption of drugs by young adults on a regular basis.

The research will focus on, but will not be limited to university students. The survey aligns with the National Drug Strategy's commitment to building the evidence base, applying evidenced-informed practice, innovation and trailing new approaches, ongoing evaluation, performance management and building partnerships across sectors. Furthermore, it fundamentally aligns with the Alcohol Interagency Framework, acting as an early assessment measure to reduce problems resulting from alcohol and other drug issues via data collection, monitoring, evaluation and research.

The project seeks to examine the trends of drug use amongst undergraduate university students between the ages of 18 and 30yrs of age, a cohort which corresponds with avid drug use.

Research methods

It is proposed that the survey will be administered electronically, using the Qualtrics survey system. The survey will be statistically reliable and valid, easily administered and capable of producing data that can be directly compared with data obtained from the major survey instruments: National Drugs Strategy Household Surveys (NDSHS) and and the Australian School Students Alcohol and Drug survey (ASSAD). 


Dr Natalie Gately (Chief Investigator, ECU)
Dr Leigh Goggin (Drug and Alcohol Office, Department of Health)
Mr Russell Bridle (Drug and Alcohol Office, Department of Health)
Mr Anthony Scott (Research Assistant, ECU)

Industry partners

  • The Drug & Alcohol Office, Department of Health 

Project timeline

  • Data collection commenced February 2013, project completion is scheduled for November 2014.
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