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Evaluation of the WA suicide prevention strategy: One Life

The principal theme woven through research initiatives within the Sellenger Centre is the concept of justice. Research activity seeks to determine how we can create better systems, structures, processes and/or conditions for all members of the society in which we live.

Therefore, we engage in research that makes a difference, even if that difference is to simply provide an impartial forum for the consideration of lived experiences. This type of research activity brings us into contact with a number of marginalised communities shown to be at high risk of suicide.

Centrecare and One Life

The Western Australian Government has committed 13 million dollars over 4 years to implement the WA Suicide Prevention Strategy from 2009 – 2013. The Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention is leading the strategy, titled One Life, and oversees initiatives seeking to improve resilience and wellbeing, expand community knowledge of suicide, and support capacity building in communities at increased risk.

Centrecare has been appointed as the non-government organisation responsible for working with individual communities and government, non-government and private agencies across Western Australia to facilitate a coordinated agency and local response to communities experiencing early signs of a suicide crisis.

The research

The Sellenger Centre is the independent entity responsible for research and evaluation activities. The purpose of this to provide communities with the data required to determine:

  • Risk and protective factors specific to the community
  • General wellbeing within the community
  • What works for whom, under what circumstances and why?
  • What does not work for whom, under what circumstances and why?

This type of knowledge will help communities to implement sustainable suicide prevention strategies that make a real difference to all community members.

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