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Social Media and Innovation

Craig Standing is Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council Discovery grant examining the use and potential of social media for improving innovation in business and government. Social media platforms are changing the way people in organisations communicate and share knowledge yet organisations have to rely on experimentation and trial and error approaches to leverage its potential.

A relatively untapped avenue of research is how firms can use these collaborative tools to create new ideas, new products and services and generally do things more innovatively. Firms have tended to have fuzzy goals in relation to social media use, and often it is driven in a bottom-up manner. Although grass roots support for social media is important for it to deliver real organizational benefits there needs to be a top down strategy also.

We have found that social media can support all aspects of the innovation process and not just idea generation. Social media can support co-creation of new products and new service delivery processes and facilitate more open and collaborative with customers, suppliers and other groups external to the organization.


Prof Craig Standing, Chief Investigator
Dr Susan Standing


Prof Nereu Knock – Texas A&M International University


Australian Research Council Discovery Grant


Early 2013 – Late 2016

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