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Dr J A Francis Lobo

Dr Francis Lobo is an Honorary Professorial Research Fellow in the School of Business and Law.

Current teaching

Casual teaching:

  • Policy Gerontology
  • Introduction to Leisure
  • Leisure Research Methods
  • Leisure and Ageing


Francis began his career in education in Uganda in 1958. By 1964, he was the Head of Department of Sports and Physical Recreation while lecturing at Makerere University (Uganda). In 1973, he moved to Australia and commenced teaching Physical Education at South Fremantle High School. After a number of positions lecturing on health, recreation and physical education, Francis commenced his career at ECU in 1977 as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Leisure Sciences. In 1994, he became the Head of School in Community Studies, and was also the Faculty Postgraduate Coordinator. In 1999, he became an Associate Professor in the School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure and up until 2007, was an Honorary Senior Research Fellow.


  • DipPhysEd CarnegieC
  • MScHons GeorgeWilliams
  • MEd PhD WAust


Research areas and interests

  • Leisure and quality of life in the third age.
  • Leisure and lifestyle issues.

Recent research grants

  • Unemployment of Young Adults: Provision of Sport and Recreation -funded by Healthway $13,000 in 1995;
  • Youth Sport Drop-Out: Enhancing Retention Rates - (with J. Hagan) - for the City of Launceston, funded by the Australian Sports Commission and the Local Government Development Program $15000 in 1998.

Recent publications

  • S. Colyer & F. Lobo (Eds.) (2003). Leisure Futures – Leisure Cultures: Selection of papers from The 5th ANZALS and 3rd Women in Leisure International Conference, 2001, Praxis Education: Perth Australia.

Book chapters

  • Lobo, F. (2004). Cultural tourism and the leisure paradigm: The Australian experience. Tourism and the Leisure Industry: Shaping the Future. (Eds. K. Weiermair and Christine Mathies) Howarth Hospitality Press, London, UK;
  • Lobo, F. (2004). Unemployment and the lifecycle: Ameliorating job loss through leisure and recreation. In Negative Events in the Lifecycle: Leisure and Recreation as a Counteraction. (Eds. F. H. Fu, D Markus, T K Tong), Dr Stephen Hui Research Centre for Physical Education Recreation and Wellness, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China – pp. 82 – 103;
  • Lobo, F. & Niepoth, W. (2005). Play and recreation in childhood and adolescence: An international perspective. Recreation and Youth Development. (Eds. P. Witt and L. Caldwell) Venture, PA. (pp. 51-80);
  • Lobo, F.
  • (2007). Consuming Experiences: Challenges for Sport and Physical Fitness. Marketing Sport and Physical Activity: A Twenty-First Century Priority. (Eds. Frank H. Fu and Robert Robertson) Professional Publications, Hong Kong, China. (pp. 87-103).

Refereed journal articles

  • Tcha, S. & Lobo, F. (2003). Analysis of constraints to sport and leisure participation – the case of Korean immigrants in Western Australia. World Leisure, Vol. 45 (3), pp. 13 – 23;
  • Lobo, F. (2006). The work-leisure paradigm: The stresses and stains of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. World Leisure, Vol. 48(3), pp. 22 – 32.
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