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COVID-19 FAQs for Pre-Service Teachers

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The following FAQ's relate to the School of Education specific FAQs.


If you need to drop out after the census date you will need to follow university protocols. The Student Hub will be there to support you through this process. You can apply for remission of fees and withdrawal without academic penalty.

No, you will not be penalised if you watch the lectures and tutorials at an alternative time to the designated on-campus time. Whilst on-campus students would previously have attended lectures or tutorials at that time, we are conscious that circumstances are changing and there may be a need to engage at alternative times.

If the unit requires an alternative assessment, you will be directed by the Unit Coordinator to the alternative assessment requirements. Full detail of these alternatives will be provided by 17 April 2020.

You will receive information via your student email. For your studies, Unit Coordinators will communicate via email and use announcements on Blackboard. Please monitor your student email daily to ensure you receive notifications promptly.

Online changes

Individual Unit Coordinators have made pedagogical decisions as to how to deliver their units so there will be different tools and approaches used. The School of Education will endeavour to have weekly collaboration sessions to support student engagement.

The School of Education has tried to maintain similar time slots to your original face to face tutorial for virtual discussion. The collaborate discussions will be recorded and can be viewed later if you miss a session due to caring for children or other commitments.

The decision was made as students have formed bonds with their peers in the different cohorts. It is also difficult administratively if students are moved across at this stage. The School of Education is committed to ensuring that all cohorts of students are provided with a quality learning environment.

All students, regardless of delivery mode, are expected to do the same workload. If you are struggling with the demands of the unit then contact your Unit Coordinator.

Mid-Year Graduates

Please contact the TRBWA:

ECU has been in discussions with the TRB WA and there are no expectations that your graduation will be delayed.

It is anticipated that mid-year graduates will graduate without any delay. You will be informed via email if there will be any delay in your graduation.

Professional Experience

While schools remain open and students are taught on the school site, or online, we will continue to provide professional experience.

While schools stay open, ECU will facilitate you to complete your professional experience as planned.

No. Unit coordinators are working to provide some resources to assist you in preparing for possible on-line delivery, such as 'podcasts' and 'how-to' guides.

Every school/centre has different circumstances ranging from staff workload to uncertainty around how their school/centre will function during these unprecedented times.

No student will be disadvantaged. For those students who may have extenuating circumstances and are not able to undertake professional experience in Term 2, an alternative Professional Experience can be negotiated. If you require absence during your professional experience, you will not be penalised. Absence days will need to be monitored and make-up days may be required.

For those students who may have extenuating circumstances and are not able to undertake professional experience in Term 2, an alternative period of professional experience can be negotiated. Please contact your unit coordinator to discuss alternatives before making any decisions.

The primary concern of the University is the safety and wellbeing of the students. The school sector continues to take advice from Government agencies and currently the advice is that schools are safe to stay open.

If your professional experience is cancelled part-way through, the days completed to date will count towards your total days if your progress to date is deemed satisfactory by your teacher mentor. You will be allocated a make-up professional experience placement when one becomes available. It may be this semester, between semesters or into next semester.

If your professional experience is cancelled by a partnership school, you will be notified via email. You will be reallocated a professional experience placement once one becomes available. You should continue with all other coursework components of your professional practice as usual.

Students will be allocated a professional experience placement as they become available. Please be patient and you will be allocated a placement as soon as possible.

Unless you receive an email notification, your allocated professional experience will go ahead as scheduled. The School of Education is continuing to liaise with partnership schools to monitor and respond to the evolving situation and will communicate any relevant updates to students via e-mail. Please monitor your student e-mail daily to ensure you receive notifications promptly.

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