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Centre for Transformational Games

Transformational games are applications purposefully designed to create engaging and immersive learning environments for delivering specified learning goals, experiences and outcomes. The Research Centre for Transformational Games brings together the multi-disciplinary expertise needed to design, develop and study computer and video games as tools for changing the way a person thinks, feels, or acts.

The aims of the research centre are to:

  • bring together active researchers from a variety of disciplines with the common interest to explore the use of computer games as tools to positively affect individuals and society;
  • develop shared infrastructure to aid members in the development and exploration of computer games as transformational tools;
  • contribute to the body of knowledge in the area of computer games as educational tools through scholarly research and the dissemination of research findings to the wider community; and
  • develop a community of scholarly interdisciplinary research that can support postgraduate research studies.

Research areas

Virtual learning experiences remain a powerful tool for real life problem solving and decision making when individuals engage with new concepts and skills situated in a meaningful context or application domain. Examples of application domains include construction of knowledge (e.g. learning about physical properties of materials), changing attitudes through increased awareness (e.g. de-stigmatizing mental illness), and motivating certain behaviours (e.g. increased physical exercise). Transformational games are highly engaging and participatory experiences which can achieve educational, economic and social change outcomes

Research aligned courses

For those interested in achieving expertise in the various aspects of multimodal interactive learning in computer games, members of the centre are involved with the running of several courses related to game design and development. We offer courses aimed at both school leavers and existing professionals wishing to up-skill on an existing degree.

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