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Digitising portfolios for assessment

A three-year ARC Linkage project commenced in June 2011 with the WA Curriculum Council worth around $500K. To investigate the potential of creating digital portfolios of practical work in the Visual Arts and Design courses in Years 11 and 12 for the purposes of assessment.

This study addresses the problem of effectively and efficiently assessing student portfolios that include artefacts (e.g. paintings, sculpture, drawings) and process documents that are submitted for high-stakes summative assessment purposes. The aim is to evaluate the feasibility of digitising these portfolios and judging them using online tools and the comparative pairs method of marking.  The specific aims of the study are:

1. To determine the appropriate digital representations for particular forms of portfolio to facilitate the valid and reliable judgement of student performance for the purposes of summative assessment.
2. To establish ways of applying the comparative pairs marking procedure to improve the comparability over time and between contexts for particular forms of portfolio.
3. To extend conceptual knowledge of assessor perceptions and training requirements to use the comparative pairs marking procedure with particular forms of portfolio.


Associate Professor Paul Newhouse
Dr Jeremy Pagram
Dr Lisa Paris
Professor Mark Hackling
Dr Martin Cooper
Dr Alistair Campbell
Dr Pina Tarricone

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