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Evaluation of the Integrated Service Model of Child Australia

Child Australia has been the service provider for both the Professional Support Coordinators (PSC) and Inclusion Support Agency (ISA) and has worked towards effectively integrating these services under the banner of Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP). Western Australia is the only state to offer an integrated service provision with these combined services. Siraj- Blatchford and Siraj- Blatchford (2009) argue that because there are so many factors at work in a child’s early life, the case for integrated, coordinated intervention is strong. Various countries, including Australia, are investigating the value of integrated service delivery.  As Child Australia was award both federal contracts they have worked towards an integrated service delivery model, this research will evaluate the effectiveness of this model.

The aims of the project are:

  1. To explore and document the process of the integrated service model of Child Australia in delivering integrated services in Western Australia, and
  2. To evaluate the effectiveness of the model in providing an integrated service through stakeholder perspectives.

The research will explore the aspects that impeded or support effective implementation of an integrated service model and as such, this information will assist Child Australia to provide a more effective service and the recipients to receive a more effective service. This in turn will provide chidden with improved outcomes.

Funding agency

ECU – Industry Collaboration Grant

Project duration

Data collection will begin in May, 2015, with the final report completed by January, 2016


Professor Caroline Barratt-Pugh
Associate Professor Lennie Barblett
Dr Natalie Leitão
Mrs Cindy McLean

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