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Education within social settings

Education happens formally and informally in many settings and communities.

This breadth is reflected in a suite of research addressing issues faced by learners and educators with a view to promoting informed and productive communities.

We spearhead research into early childhood, community sports programs, astronomy, digital learning, home learning and wellness programs.

Research Group

Early Childhood Research Group

The Early Childhood Research Group conducts research into the experiences of children, families and early childhood professionals in a range of contexts.

We aim to explore and promote the crucial nature of early childhood now and for the future well-being of all children, particularly in relation to communities that are disadvantaged.

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  1. How public libraries in Western Australia seek to support the language and literacy development of children from birth to three years.
  2. Examining the role of social connection as a positive coping strategy.
  3. A data-informed approach to training volunteers to teach EAL to adult refugees and asylum seekers.
  4. Learning to play: What online games can teach.
  5. Going 'full time': An exploration of vocational ballet training in Perth, Western Australia.
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