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Dr Pina Tarricone

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Staff Member Details

Pina is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow for the School of Education.


Pina has a PhD in Educational/Cognitive Psychology. Her theoretical research on metacognition won a number of awards including the 2007 Edith Cowan University Research Medal. Psychology Press, Taylor and Francis, published her PhD research as a book entitled the Taxonomy of Metacognition. Her book is available in university libraries world-wide. In 2014, Pina completed a M Ed in Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation with Honours at the University of Western Australia. She developed an instrument to measure a subcategory of the Taxonomy of Metacognition. In this year she also held the position of Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

She also has a Master of Education in Interactive Multimedia and is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Centre for Schooling and Learning Technologies (CSaLT) at ECU. Her interests include the theoretical analysis of complex educational psychology constructs, their measurement using Rasch methodologies and the use of technologies for assessment and testing. Pina has a background in educational assessment, testing and measurement in government and corporate education environments.

Awards and Recognition

University and National Research Awards

  • 2008 - WA Institute for Educational Research Postgraduate Prize in Education
  • 2007 - ECU Faculty Education and Arts Research Medal Winner
  • 2007 - ECU University Research Medal Winner
  • 2007 - Australian Human Development Association Conference Scholarship Award
  • 2007 - UWA Fogarty Foundation Success Through Educational Excellence Scholarship
  • 2002-2005 - Postgraduate Research Scholarship, Edith Cowan University
  • 2004 - Australian Association for Education Research (AARE) Postgraduate Student Travel Award
  • 2004 - ECU University Council Prize – Postgraduate Association
  • 2001 - Best Paper Award 2nd Annual International We-B Conference, Perth WA

Research Areas and Interests

  • Educational/cognitive psychology constructs e.g. metacognition, reflection, ill-structured problem solving, epistemic cognition
  • Psychometrics – Rasch measurement
  • Digital Assessment
  • Cognitive tools


  • M Ed Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation with Honours, The University of Western Australia, 2014.
  • Graduate Diploma in Education Assessment, Measurement & Eval, The University of Western Australia, 2009.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Edith Cowan University, 2007.
  • Master of Education, Edith Cowan University, 1999.
  • Bachelor of Education, Western Australian CAE, 1989.
  • Diploma of Teaching, Western Australian CAE, 1988.

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

Conference Publications

  • Newhouse, P., Tarricone, P. (2017). Using Pairwise Comparisons in the Online Social Moderation of Performance Assessment. WWW 2017 Companion (407-414). ACM Publications.

Journal Articles

  • Tarricone, P., Newhouse, P. (2016). Using comparative judgement and online technologies in the assessment and measurement of creative performance and capability. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 13(1), Article no. 16.
  • Tarricone, P., Newhouse, P. (2016). A study of the use of pairwise comparison in the context of social online moderation. Australian Educational Researcher, 43(3), 273-288.

Conference Publications

  • Newhouse, P., Tarricone, P. (2016). Online moderation of external assessment using pairwise judgements.. Australian Council for Computers in Education 2016 Conference: Refereed Proceedings (132-139). Australian Council for Computers in Education.

Journal Articles

  • Tarricone, P., Cooper, M. (2014). Using Rasch measurement to improve analytical marking keys. Assessment Matters, 6(2014), 86-111.
  • Newhouse, P., Tarricone, P. (2014). Digitizing practical production work for high-stakes assessments. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 40(2), 1-17.


  • Newhouse, P., Pagram, J., Paris, L., Hackling, M., Tarricone, P., Cooper, M., Campbell, A. (2013). Authentic digital representation of creative works in education: addressing the challenges of digitisation and assessment - Second Interim Report - Visual Arts & Design. Perth, W.A.. Edith Cowan University.


  • Newhouse, P., Pagram, J., Paris, L., Hackling, M., Ure, C., Cooper, M., Campbell, A., Tarricone, P. (2012). Authentic digital representation of creative works in education: addressing the challenges of digitsation and assessment - First Interim Report - Visual Arts & Design Courses. Perth, W.A.. Edith Cowan University.


  • Tarricone, P. (2011). The Taxonomy of Metacognition. Psychology Press.

Conference Publications

  • Tarricone, P. (2005). Bucking the Zeitgeist: Positioning doctoral research through creativity. Doing the public good: Positioning Education Research (1-12). AARE Inc.

Journal Articles

  • Luca, J., Tarricone, P. (2002). Employees, teamwork and social interdependence - a formula for successful business?. Team Performance Management - An International Journal, 8(3/4), 54-59.

Conference Publications

  • Tarricone, P., Fetherston, T. (2002). Teachers and the temporal. Problematics Futures: Educational Researach in an Era of...Uncertainty (). AARE.
  • Tarricone, P., Luca, J., Ireland, K. (2002). Promoting Industry Links in Higher Education to Enhance Teaching & Learning.. e-conomy - from here to where? (). We-B Centre, Edith Cowan University.
  • Tarricone, P., Luca, J. (2002). Skills needed for managing multimedia development - invisible or visible.. Ed-Media 2002 (). AACE.
  • Tarricone, P., Luca, J., Ireland, K. (2002). Satisfying real client reqirements through student-centred coursework.. HERDSA (). HERDSA.
  • Tarricone, P., Luca, J. (2002). Successful teamwork:A case study.. HERDSA (). HERDSA.

Conference Publications

  • Luca, J., Tarricone, P. (2001). Does emotional intelligence affect successful teamwork?. Meeting at the Crossroads (0). Biomedical Multimedia.
  • Luca, J., Ireland, K., Tarricone, P. (2001). Authentic assessment for multimedia - centric e-business. Working for Excellence in the E-conomy (0). We-B Centre, Edith Cowan University.

Research Projects

  • Digital forms of assessment for externally set tasks in senior secondary courses: Pilot project., Edith Cowan University, ECU Industry Collaboration Scheme - 2016 Open Round, 2016 ‑ 2018, $60,000.
  • Metacognition conceptual learning and online research tool, Edith Cowan University, ECU Early Career Researcher Grant - 2013, 2013 ‑ 2014, $21,000.
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