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The Centre for Communications and Electronics Research (CCER) is an active, productive and developing Level II Research Centre located within the School of Engineering. Over the last ten years, the Centre has consolidated its research profile to allow a number of staff to refocus their research towards the Centre’s primary interests. The Centre now has a solid record of research activity through externally funded projects, increasing numbers of research students, a substantial record of publications and patents and a growing reputation for industry collaboration.

The Centre was first established in the School in 2005. It has its origins in a number of research initiatives that were developed in the School from its inception in 1990. The centre was formally established as a Level II Research Centre in 2008. In broad terms the Centre now encompasses a range of focus areas, including:

  • Wireless communications and networks
  • Optical communications and networks
  • Survivable network design
  • Voice and video over wireless networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Multimedia communications
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Smart energy systems
  • Robotic and Autonomous Systems.

Strategic focus

Our focus at CCER is to respond critically to various new applications and develop leading edge technologies on communication systems and networks to facilitate these applications.


Our objectives at CCER are:

  • to develop an environment for the pursuit of research in the fields of communication systems and networks;
  • to conduct collaborative research projects with the industry and interdisciplinary partners;
  • to become a recognised research centre that will attract scholars, experts and students from interstate and abroad; and
  • to disseminate research outcomes through international journal and conference publications, workshops, community focused seminars and the University's teaching programs.

Postgraduate research

The Centre for Communications and Electronics Research provides an excellent opportunity for new postgraduate students, both the PhD and Masters in Engineering, to do high quality research in the field of communication systems and networks.

Academic and research staff at our Centre are recognised nationally and internationally for their research contributions in communication systems and networks. Our researchers work closely with industry, so students get the opportunity to interact closely with industry partners and promote their research works, assisting students with their career development within the industry. Students are equipped with dedicated office space and excellent computing resources at the centre.

A range of scholarship opportunities are available to meet the tuition costs and living expenses of potential research students.

For more information about enrolments, please visit our Future Students web pages, or for information about scholarships, please see our scholarships web page.


The Centre for Communications and Electronics Research acknowledges the support of Riverbed (previously known as Opnet). The Centre uses Riverbed software in the following ways:

  • Teaching with Riverbed – Our teaching laboratories use Riverbed software for laboratory demonstrations in communication systems and networks related units.
  • Research with Riverbed – Our research laboratories use Riverbed software for computer simulation of various projects related to wireless communications.
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