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Associate Professor Shelley Beatty

Associate Dean

Contact Information Telephone: +61 8 6304 3551, Mobile: 0448103019, Email:, Campus: Joondalup, Room: JO21.514
Staff Member Details
Telephone: +61 8 6304 3551
Mobile: 0448103019
Facsimile: +61 8 6304 5449
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO21.514  


Shelley is Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), School of Medical and Health Sciences

Awards and Recognition

University and National Teaching Awards

  • 2015: Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching


  • Postgraduate Diploma (With Distinction), Curtin University of Technology.
  • Master of Public Health, Curtin University of Technology.
  • Bachelor of Education, Curtin University of Technology.
  • Teachers Higher Certificate, Other WA higher ed institution.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Curtin University of Technology, 2003.


Recent Research Grants

  • Fostering positive body image among young children: Development and evaluation of an online professional development resource for early childhood educators ,  Healthway (WA Health Promotion Foundation),  Healthway - Scholarship,  2014 - 2020,  $112,844.
  • An international comparison of paramedic skills acquisition between two different models of tertiary education.,  Edith Cowan University,  ECU Collaboration Enhancement Scheme - 2016 Round 2,  2017 - 2018,  $11,000.
  • Exploring the influence of a hyper-sexualised media culture on adolescent girls' mental health and wellbeing,  Healthway (WA Health Promotion Foundation),  Healthway - Scholarship,  2015 - 2017,  $75,614.
  • Adolescent alcohol use: Determining priorities for parent interventions,  Healthway (WA Health Promotion Foundation),  Healthway - Research Starter Grant,  2014 - 2016,  $29,690.
  • Exploring Family Preferences of Child Health Nursing Services in Bunbury WA,  Telethon Kids Institute,  Grant,  2015,  $5,000.
  • Integrated early years services,  Telethon Kids Institute,  Grant,  2011,  $8,730.
  • Adolescent grief research to create a prevention strategy to address the needs of youth experiencing grief or who may experience grief as an adolescent,  Healthway (WA Health Promotion Foundation),  Healthway - Grant,  2003 - 2005,  $46,500.
  • Transadaption of successful cigarette smoking intervention to randomised school-based cannabis intervention trial.,  Healthway (WA Health Promotion Foundation),  Healthway - Grant,  2002 - 2004,  $91,352.
  • Maximising parent involvement in school-based bullying interventions,  Healthway (WA Health Promotion Foundation),  Healthway - Grant,  2002 - 2004,  $99,169.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Journal Articles

  • Ford, D., Mills, B., Ciccone, N., Beatty, S., (2020), Does Direct Helicopter Retrieval Improve Survival of Severely Injured Trauma Patients From Rural Western Australia?. Air Medical Journal, epub ahead of print(March), 6p., DOI: 10.1016/j.amj.2020.01.005.
  • Lombardi, K., Beatty, S., Devine, A., Wallace, R., Costello, L., (2020), Fat talk: Influences on body image in childcare. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 31(2), 224-231, DOI: 10.1002/hpja.272.
  • Reid, D., Sim, M., Beatty, S., Grantham, H., Gale, M., (2020), Pre-hospital advanced life support resuscitation – a curriculum for pre-hospital education. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 17(2020), 7p., DOI: 10.33151/ajp.17.757.
  • Reid, D., Street, K., Beatty, S., Vencatachellum, S., Mills, B., (2019), Preparedness of graduate paramedics for practice: a comparison of Australian and United Kingdom education pathways. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 16(2019), 1-11, DOI: 10.33151/ajp.16.666.
  • Cross, D., Lester, L., Pearce, N., Barnes, A., Beatty, S., (2018), A group randomized controlled trial evaluating parent involvement in whole school actions to reduce bullying. The Journal of Educational Research, 111(3), 255-267, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, DOI: 10.1080/00220671.2016.1246409.
  • Neville, P., Clark, K., Oosthuizen, J., Beatty, S., Fatouros, M., Mainali, S., Lamichhane, RS., (2018), Mosquito management: Views of accountability and their variance across neighbourhoods in Perth, Western Australia. Annals of Public Health and Research, 5(3), 1080-1089, United States, JSciMed Central.
  • Jamieson, J., Jenkins, G., Beatty, S., Palermo, C., (2017), Designing programmes of assessment: A participatory approach. Medical Teacher, 39(11), 1182-1188, United Kingdom, Taylor & Francis Group, DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2017.1355447.
  • Lamichhane, RS., Neville, P., Oosthuizen, J., Clark, K., Mainali, S., Fatouros, M., Beatty, S., (2017), The highs and lows of making a bucket list - quantifying potential mosquito breeding habitats in metropolitan backyards. Frontiers in Public Health, 5(Nov 2017), Article number 292, United States, Frontiers Media, DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2017.00292.
  • Ho, G., Beatty, S., (2017), Podcasting to students working in the resources industry: a supplementary teaching strategy. Journal of Health, Safety and Environment, 33(1), 87-95.
  • Lester, L., Pearce, N., Waters, S., Barnes, A., Beatty, S., Cross, D., (2017), Family Involvement in a Whole-School Bullying Intervention: Mothers’ and Fathers’ Communication and Influence with Children. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26(10), 2716-2727, New York, USA, Springer, DOI: 10.1007/s10826-017-0793-6.
  • Mainali, S., Lamichhane, RS., Clark, K., Beatty, S., Fatouros, M., Neville, P., Oosthuizen, J., (2017), “Looking over the Backyard Fence”: Householders and Mosquito Control. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(3), Article number 246, MDPI, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph14030246.
  • Clark, K., Beatty, S., Reibel, T., (2016), Maternity-care: measuring women's perceptions. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 29(1), 89-99, Bingley, UK, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, DOI: 10.1108/IJHCQA-06-2015-0078.
  • Clark, K., Beatty, S., (2016), Making hospital governance healthier for nurses. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 11(2), 27-32, North Ryde, NSW, Australian College of Health Service Management.
  • Clark, K., Beatty, S., Fletcher, T., (2016), Maternal and child health nursing services: perspectives of parents. Australian Journal of Child and Family Health Nursing, 13(1), 8-12, Australia, Cambridge Publishing.
  • Clark, K., Beatty, S., Reibel, T., (2015), 'What women want': Using image theory to develop expectations of maternity care framework. Midwifery, 31(5), 505-511, London, United Kingdom, Churchill Livingstone, DOI: 10.1016/j.midw.2014.12.011.
  • Clark, K., Beatty, S., Reibel, T., (2015), Maternity care: A narrative overview of what women expect across their care continuum. Midwifery, 31(4), 432-437, London, United Kingdom, Churchill Livingstone, DOI: 10.1016/j.midw.2014.12.009.

Research Student Supervision

Principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  The nature and extent of the influence of occupational culture on aod use amongst airline pilots
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Effect of prenatal zinc supplementation on malaria morbidity: pregnancy anaemia and birth weight
  • Master of Public Health,  A formative study to develop and test a heath promotion stategy for adolescents who experience grief.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Design, implementation and evaluation of the impact of a body image professional development program for early childhood educators

Associate Supervisor

  • Master of Public Health,  Comparative assessment of the effectiveness of online vs paper based courses for occupational and environmental safety and health.

Co-ordinating Supervisor

  • Master by Research: The effect of education and dispositional variables on the attitudes towards harm minimisation among undergraduate university students
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