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Dr Ciaran Fairman

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Contact Information Email:, Campus: Joondalup, Room: JO21.223
Staff Member Details
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO21.223  


Ciaran is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Exercise Medicine Research Institute (EMRI) situated within the School of Medical and Health Science (SMHS) at Edith Cowan University.


Ciaran recently completed his PhD in the Exercise and Behavioral Medicine Laboratory at The Ohio State University under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Focht. Here, his research focused on the physiological and psychosocial responses to physical activity lifestyle interventions in a variety of clinical populations including breast and prostate cancer, and individuals with knee osteoarthritis.

Ciaran is also strong advocate of the dissemination/translation of scientific research to a variety of audiences. He is the founder, CEO, and chief exercise physiologist at REACH (Research in Exercise and Cancer Health), a company designed to provide evidence-based guidelines of physical activity to health/medical professionals and individuals with cancer.

Professional Associations

  • Member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
  • Member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN)

Awards and Recognition

University and National Teaching Awards

  • 2017 - The Ohio State College of Education and Human Ecology Graduate Dissertation Research Fellowship ($80,000).


  • Kentucky Wesleyan College Board of Trustees; award for outstanding contribution to community. (2012)

Research Areas and Interests

The physiological and psychological responses to acute and chronic exercise in individuals with cancer.

  • The manipulation of dose, frequency, volume or intensity of exercise to optimize clinically relevant outcomes in cancer patients.
  • Nutrition/supplementation to augment training adaptations.
  • Exercise medicine and tumor biology.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, United States of America, 2018.
  • Master of Science, United States of America, 2014.


Recent Research Grants

  • Examining the effect of creatine supplementation in augmenting adaptations to resistance training in prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy: a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial. ,  Cancer Council of WA Inc,  Collaborative Cancer Grant Scheme,  2019 - 2020,  $64,560.
  • Impact of different resistance exercise configurations on dyspnea, and psychosocial response in individuals with advanced lung cancer.,  Edith Cowan University,  ECU Early Career Researcher Grant - 2019,  2019 - 2020,  $29,280.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Journal Articles

  • Fairman, C., Kendall, K., Hart, N., Taaffe, D., Galvao, D., Newton, R., (2019), The potential therapeutic effects of creatine supplementation on body composition and muscle function in cancer. Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology, 00(00), 1-16, DOI: 10.1016/j.critrevonc.2018.11.003.
  • Newton, R., Christophersen, C., Fairman, C., Hart, N., Taaffe, D., Broadhurst, D., Devine, A., Chee, R., Tang, C., Spry, N., Galvao, D., (2019), Does exercise impact gut microbiota composition in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer? A single-blinded, two-armed, randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open, 9(4), e024872, DOI:
  • Fairman, C., Nilsen, T., Newton, R., Taaffe, D., Spry, N., Joseph, D., Chambers, S., Robinson, Z., Hart, N., Zourdos, M., Focht, B., McIntyre, C., Galvao, D., (2019), Reporting of resistance training dose, adherence and tolerance in exercise oncology. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, x(x), xx-xx, United States of America.
  • Fairman, C., Zourdos, M., Helms, E., Focht, B., (2017), A Scientific Rationale to Improve Resistance Training Prescription in Exercise Oncology. Sports Medicine, 47(8), 1457-1465, New Zealand, Springer, DOI: 10.1007/s40279-017-0673-7.
  • Cotter, J., Garver , M., Dinyer, T., Fairman, C., Focht, B., (2017), Ratings of Perceived Exertion During Acute Resistance Exercise Performed at Imposed and Self-Selected Loads in Recreationally Trained Women. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 31(8), 2313-2318, United States, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000001782.
  • Focht, B., Garver, M., Lucas, A., Devor, S., Emery, C., Hackshaw, K., Fairman, C., Bowman, J., Rejeski, WJ., (2017), A group-mediated physical activity intervention in older knee osteoarthritis patients: effects on social cognitive outcomes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 40(3), 530-537, DOI: 10.1007/s10865-017-9822-6.
  • Fairman, C., Hyde, P., Focht, B., (2017), Resistance training interventions across the cancer control continuum: A systematic review of the implementation of resistance training principles. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 51(8), 677-685, London, England, B M J Publishing Group, DOI: 10.1136/bjsports-2016-096537.
  • Kendall, K., Hyde, P., Fairman, C., Hollaway, K., Mumford, P., Haun, C., Mobley, B., Kephart, W., Tribby, A., Kimber, D., Moon, J., Beck, D., Roberts, M., Young, K., (2017), A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to determine the effectiveness and safety of a thermogenic supplement in addition to an energy-restricted diet in apparently healthy females. Journal of Dietary Supplements, 14(6), 653-666, United States, Taylor & Francis Group, DOI: 10.1080/19390211.2017.1304484.
  • Fairman, C., Focht, BC., Lucas, AR., Lustberg, M., (2016), Effects of exercise interventions during different treatments in breast cancer. The Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology, 14(5), 200-209, DOI: 10.12788/jcso.0225.
  • Focht, BC., Garver, MJ., Cotter, JA., Devor, ST., Lucas, AR., Fairman, C., (2015), Affective responses to acute resistance exercise performed at self-selected and imposed loads in trained women. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 29(11), 3067-3074, United States, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000000985.
  • Melton, BF., Bigham, LF., Bland, HW., Bird, M., Fairman, C., (2014), Health-related behaviors and technology usage among college students. American Journal of Health Behavior, 38(4), 510-518, DOI: 10.5993/AJHB.38.4.4.
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