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Dr Eric Khong

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Staff Member Details

Eric is a Senior Lecturer in Postgraduate Medicine within the School of Medical and Health Sciences.

Current Teaching

  • Postgraduate students, Research students
  • Coordinator of Men's Health Units


  • Staff member of ECU since 2004.
  • Work also as a General Practitioner and Liaison GP for BreastScreen WA

Professional Memberships

  • GP Liaison Officer for BreastScreen WA
  • Member of the Breast Cancer Collaborative
  • Member of the Primary Care, Cancer Prevention and Screening Collaborative
  • Member of the Medical Radiation and Cancer Working Group, Cancer Council of WA
  • Clinical Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Australia
  • On Peer Review Panel of Australian Family Physician Journal for Drug and Alcohol Issues and Breast Diseases.
  • Member Nurses & Midwives Board of WA – Network Advisory Panel and Subsequent Impairment Review Committee
  • Member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Research Areas and Interests

  • General Practice, Alcohol and Drug issues


  • Bachelor of Medicine, The University of Western Australia.

Research Outputs

Book Chapters

  • Sim, M., Khong, E., Hulse, G. (2014). Motivational interviewing. Handbook of behavioural medicine (406-428). John Wiley & Sons.

Journal Articles

  • Sim, M., McEvoy, A., Wain, T., Khong, E. (2014). Improving health professional's knowledge of hepatitis B using cartoon based learning tools: a retrospective analysis of pre and post tests. BMC Medical Education, 14(online), Article no. 244.

Conference Publications

  • Sim, M., Khong, E., McEvoy, A., Wain, T., Sim, M., Williams, T. (2013). Cartoons for e-health informatics. Proceedings of the 2nd Australian eHealth Informatics and Security Conference (50-57). Security Research Centre, Edith Cowan University.

Journal Articles

  • Sim, M., Wain, T., Khong, E. (2009). Influencing behaviour change in general practice (Part 1): Brief intervention and motivational interviewing. Australian Family Physician, 38(11), 885-888.
  • Sim, M., Wain, T., Khong, E. (2009). Influencing behaviour change in general practice (Part 2): Motivational interviewing approaches. Australian Family Physician, 38(12), 986-989.

Journal Articles

  • Sim, M., Khong, E., Jiwa, M. (2008). Does General Practice Google?. Australian Family Physician, 37(6), 471-474.
  • Jiwa, M., Saunders, C., Thomson, S., Rosenwax, L., Sargant, S., Khong, E., Halkett, G., Sutherland, G., Ee, H., Packer, T., Merriman, G., Arnett, H. (2008). Timely cancer diagnosis and management as a chronic condition: opportunities for primary care. Medical Journal of Australia, 189(2), 78-82.

Journal Articles

  • Khong, E., Choy, W. (2007). Opioid overdose deaths can occur in pateints with naltrexone implants. Medical Journal of Australia, 187(1), 56.
  • Sim, M., Khong, E., Choy, W., Casey, W. (2007). Substance Abuse. Check Program of Self Assessment, 428, 1-42.
  • Sim, M., Khong, E., Wain, T. (2007). The prescribing dilemma of benzodiazepines. Australian Family Physician, 36(11), 923-926.
  • Khong, E., Choy, W. (2007). Is there a GP in the hospital?. Australian Family Physician, 36(3), 177-178.

Journal Articles

  • Sim, M., Khong, E. (2006). Prevention Building on routine clinical practice. Australian Family Physician, 35(1/2), 12-15.
  • Crouchley, K., Wylie, E., Khong, E. (2006). Hormone replacement therapy and mammographic screening outcomes in Western Australia. Journal of Medical Screening, 13(2), 93-97.

Journal Articles

  • Sim, M., Hulse, G., Khong, E. (2004). When the child with ADHD grows up. Australian Family Physician, 33(8), 615-618.
  • Sim, M., Hulse, G., Khong, E. (2004). Cough mixtures: not always for cough.. Australian Family Physician, 33(5), 327-331.
  • Sim, M., Hulse, G., Khong, E. (2004). Injecting drug use and skin lesions.. Australian Family Physician, 33(7), 519-522.
  • Sim, M., Hulse, G., Khong, E. (2004). Cannabis and Psychosis. Australian Family Physician, 33(4), 229-32.
  • Khong, E., Sim, M., Hulse, G. (2004). Benzodiazepine dependence. Australian Family Physician, 33(11), 923-926.
  • Khong, E., Wain, T. (2004). The growing challenge of party drugs in general practice. Australian Family Physician, 33(9), 709-713.
  • Sim, M., Hulse, G., Khong, E. (2004). Back pain and opioid seeking behaviour. Australian Family Physician, 33(6), 431-435.
  • Sim, M., Hulse, G., Khong, E. (2004). Acute pain and opioid seeking behaviour.. Australian Family Physician, 33(12), 1009-1012.
  • Hulse, G., Sim, M., Khong, E. (2004). Management of the Impaired Doctor. Australian Family Physician, 33(9), 703-707.
  • Sim, M., Hulse, G., Khong, E. (2004). Alcohol and other drug use in later life. Australian Family Physician, 33(10), 820-824.

Research Projects

  • Primary Care Capacity Building – Alcohol and Drugs, WA Primary Health Alliance, Grant, 2017 ‑ 2021, $1,203,172.
  • Online Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Education for the Department of Health, Department of Health WA, Tender, 2014 ‑ 2019, $487,136.
  • Workforce Development: Hepatitis B and C Health Professional Engagement and Education, Department of Health WA, Grant, 2009 ‑ 2014, $592,014.
  • Evaluation of Structure and Resources in the Management of Chronic Hepatitis C, Department of Health WA, Royal Perth Hospital - Liver Service, 2013 ‑ 2014, $28,000.
  • Data Review and Clinical Audit of Australian Medical Procedures Research Foundation Limited (AMPRF), Drug and Alcohol Office, Grant, 2011, $66,452.
  • For the development and implementation of a blended learning program, including e-learning, for the management of sexually transmissible infections as part of a state-wide workforce development program for general practitioners and practice nurses., Department of Health WA, Grant, 2011, $110,173.
  • Hepatitis C Workforce Development, Department of Health WA, Grant, 2008 ‑ 2009, $132,451.
  • Provision of an E-learning package, Department of Health WA, Grant, 2009, $18,000.
  • Kids and Parents for Optimal Weight (KAPOW), Osborne Division of General Practice, Grant, 2007 ‑ 2008, $10,000.
  • Evaluation of Falls Linkage Independence Program, Department of Health WA, Grant, 2008, $14,400.
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