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Dr Julie Dare

Senior Lecturer

Staff Member Details
Telephone: +61 8 6304 2613
Facsimile: +61 8 6304 5449
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO31.471M  

Julie is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health within the School of Medical and Health Sciences.

Current Teaching

  • Public health
  • Health promotion
  • Health sociology
  • Health communication
  • Women’s health


  • 2008-present: Senior Lecturer/Lecturer, School of Medical and Health Sciences
  • 2003-2008: Sessional Lecturer, School of Communication and Arts
  • 2008: Sessional Tutor, School of Computer and Information Science

Awards and Recognition


  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
  • ECU Excellence Award
  • FA Sharr Medal (ALIA)

Research Areas and Interests

  • Older people, social engagement and health
  • Women’s health
  • Social context to older people’s alcohol use
  • Social support and health


  • Bachelor of Science, Edith Cowan University.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Edith Cowan University, 2010.
  • BComms (Hons), Edith Cowan University, 2006.
  • English Language Teaching to Adults, UNKNOWN, 2003.

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

  • Monks, H., Costello, L., Dare, J., Reid Boyd, E. (2021). “We’re continually comparing ourselves to something”: Navigating media and social media ideals at the nexus of appearance, health and wellness. Sex Roles: a journal of research, 2020(article in press), 1-17.
  • Wilkinson, C., Clark, K., Sambell, R., Dare, J., Bright, S. (2021). The health of older Western Australians: the role of age, gender, geographic location, psychological distress, perceived health, tobacco and alcohol. Advances In Dual Diagnosis: Policy, Practice And Research In Mental Health And Substance Use, Online Early(Online Early), N/A.
  • Andrew, L., Costello, L., Robinson, K., Dare, J. (2021). Going-it alone: The university progression of women nursing students who are the first person in their intimate relationship to go to university. Higher Education Research and Development, 2021(2021), 1-16.

Journal Articles

  • Andrew, L., Robinson, K., Dare, J., Costello, L. (2020). Widening the lens on capital: conceptualising the university experiences of non-traditional women nurse students. Higher Education Research and Development, 2020(article in press), 1-16.
  • Dare, J., Wilkinson, C., Traumer, L., Kusk, KK., McDermott, M., Uridge, L., Grønkjær, M. (2020). “Women of my age tend to drink”: the social construction of alcohol use by Australian and Danish women aged 50–70 years. Sociology of Health and Illness: a journal of medical sociology, 42(1), 35-49.
  • Grønkjær, M., Dare, J., Kusk, KH., Traumer, L., Uridge, L., Wilkinson, C. (2020). Social context, interaction and expectation play a role in alcohol use amongst Australian and Danish women aged 50 to 70 years. Health Care for Women International, 41(9), 1059-1077.
  • Costello, L., Dare, J., Dontje, M., Straker, L. (2020). Informing retention in longitudinal cohort studies through a social marketing lens: Raine Study Generation 2 participants’ perspectives on benefits and barriers to participation. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 20(1), Article number 202.
  • Wickens, N., Wallace, R., Dare, J., Costello, L., Lo, J., Nimmo, L. (2020). Mobile phone use and social interactions among caregivers can reduce their ability to provide constant supervision to children at Australian public swimming pools. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 2020(Article in press), 1-11.
  • Raynor, A., Iredale, F., Crowther, R., White, J., Dare, J. (2020). It’s not just physical: Exercise physiologist-led exercise program promotes functional and psychosocial health outcomes in aged care. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 28(1), 104–113.
  • Andrew, L., Robinson, K., Costello, L., Dare, J. (2020). Competing worlds: the private lives of women nurse students and gender equity in higher education. Studies in Higher Education, 2020(Article in press), 1-13.
  • Dare, J., Marquis, R., Wenden, L., Gopi, S., Coall, D. (2020). The impact of a residential camp on grandchildren raised by grandparents: Grandparents’ perspectives. Children and Youth Services Review, 108(January 2020), Article number 104535.

Journal Articles

  • Dare, J., Wilkinson, C., Donovan, R., Lo, J., McDermott, ML., O'Sullivan, H., Marquis, R. (2019). Guidance for research on social isolation, loneliness, and participation among older people: Lessons from a mixed methods study. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 18(2019), 1-9.
  • Costello, L., McDermott, M., Patel, P., Dare, J. (2019). ‘A lot better than medicine’: Self-organised ocean swimming groups as facilitators for healthy ageing. Health and Place, 60(November 2019), Article Number 102212.

Journal Articles

  • Dare, J., Wilkinson, C., Marquis, R., Donovan, R. (2018). “The people make it fun, the activities we do just make sure we turn up on time.” Factors influencing older adults’ participation in community‐based group programmes in Perth, Western Australia. Health and Social Care in the Community, 26(6), 871-881.
  • Pabian, S., Erreygers, S., Vandebosch, H., Van Royen, K., Dare, J., Costello, L., Green, L., Hawk, D., Cross, D. (2018). “Arguments online, but in school we always act normal”: The embeddedness of early adolescent negative peer interactions within the whole of their offline and online peer interactions. Children and Youth Services Review, 86(Feb 18), 1-13.

Journal Articles

  • Dare, J., Wilkinson, C., Garlepp, M., Lo, J., Allsop, S. (2017). Community pharmacists require additional support to develop capacity in delivering alcohol-related health information to older adults. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 25(4), 301-310.

Journal Articles

  • Papageorgiou, N., Marquis, R., Dare, J. (2016). Identifying the enablers and barriers to community participation amongst older adults. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 79(12), 742-751.
  • Wilkinson, C., Dare, J., French, M., McDermott, M., Lo, J., Allsop, S. (2016). Prescribing or dispensing medication represents the best opportunity for GPs and pharmacists to engage older people in alcohol-related clinical conversations. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 24(5), 319-325.
  • Papageorgiou, N., Marquis, R., Dare, J., Batten, R. (2016). Occupational Therapy and Occupational Participation in Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Review of the Evidence. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, 34(1), 21-42.

Journal Articles

  • Andrew, L., Maslin-Prothero, S., Costello, L., Dare, J., Robinson, K. (2015). The influence of intimate partnerships on nurse student progression: An integrative literature review. Nurse Education Today, 35(12), 1212-1220.

Journal Articles

  • Wilkinson, C., Dare, J. (2014). Shades of grey: the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to research investigating alcohol and ageing. Journal of Public Health Research, 3(180), 7-11.
  • Dare, J., Wilkinson, C., Allsop, S., Waters, S., McHale, S. (2014). Social engagement, setting and alcohol use among a sample of older Australians. Health and Social Care in the Community, 22(5), 524-532.

Conference Publications

  • Costello, L., Dare, J., Askander, G., McDermott, M. (2014). How should online health promoting communities address the health hazards of too much sitting?. 3rd Annual International Conference Proceedings: Global Healthcare Conference (GHC) (62-71). Global Science & Technology Forum.

Conference Publications

  • Costello, L., Dare, J., Green, L. (2013). Sustaining online communities in the charitable health sector: how to keep a good thing going. Refereed Proceedings of the 2013 Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference: Global Networks-Global Divides: Bridging New and Traditional Communication Challenges (17 p.). Australian and New Zealand Communication Association.
  • Dare, J., Costello, L., Green, L. (2013). Nutritional narratives: Examining perspectives on plant based diets in the context of dominant western discourse. Refereed Proceedings of the 2013 Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference: Global Networks-Global Divides: Bridging New and Traditional Communication Challenges (13p). Australian and New Zealand Communication Association.

Book Chapters

  • Dare, J. (2011). Women, kin-keeping and the inscription of gender in mediated communication environments.. Women and language: Essays on gendered communication across media (185-198). McFarland Publishers.

Journal Articles

  • Dare, J., Green, L. (2011). Rethinking social support in women’s midlife years: Women’s experiences of social support in online environments. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 14(5), 473-490.
  • Dare, J. (2011). Transitions in midlife women's lives: Contemporary experiences. Health Care for Women International, 32(2), 111-113.

Journal Articles

  • Green, L., Costello, L., Dare, J. (2010). Veganism, health expectancy, and the communication of sustainability. Australian Journal of Communication, 37(3), 51-72.

Conference Publications

  • Dare, J. (2009). Women and friendship: The role of communication technologies in sustaining critical connections. Communications, Creativity and Global Citizenship: Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference 2009 (485-500). Australian and New Zealand Communication Association.

Conference Publications

  • Dare, J. (2008). Domestic Space: Virtually Underestimated?. Proceedings of the Transforming Information and Learning Conference: Transformers: people, technologies and spaces (15-28). School of Computer and Information Science, Edith Cowan University.

Journal Articles

  • Dare, J. (2007). Sex and the Cybercity: The Articulation of Gender on the Internet. Illumina, 1.
  • Dare, J. (2007). Managing Relationships: Women's strategic communication practices during their midlife years. Australian Journal of Communication, 34(3), 113-127.
  • Dare, J. (2007). Utopian visions and everyday practices: Libertarian constructions of free speech and ethical communication practices. Ethical Space: the international journal of communication ethics, 4(1/2), 30-39.

Conference Publications

  • Dare, J. (2007). Unlikely partners: Prefabricated 'joke' emails and the serious business of relationships. Sustaining culture (1-12). CSAA.

Journal Articles

  • Dare, J. (2005). Cyberharrassment and Online Defamation: A default form of regulations?. Transformations, 2005(11), 14 pages.

Conference Publications

  • Dare, J. (2004). Online defamation: A case study in competing rights. Everyday transformations (1-27). Murdoch University.

Research Projects

  • Increasing activity levels and quality of life for those in an aged care environment through exercise – effectiveness and feasibility., Edith Cowan University, ECU Industry Collaboration Scheme - 2016 Open Round, 2016 ‑ 2018, $44,978.
  • Narratives in health communication - a multi-disciplinary approach to strengthen understanding of the roles and uses of narratives in conveying health information and changing health behaviours, European Commission, Marie Curie Actions - IRSES, 2013 ‑ 2017, $123,525.
  • Factors influencing the reunification of children with their substance-using parents subsequent to their placement in out-of-home care, Edith Cowan University, ECU Industry Collaboration Scheme - 2016 Open Round, 2016 ‑ 2017, $30,000.
  • Promoting social engagement among older people at risk of social isolation, Healthway (WA Health Promotion Foundation), Healthway - Research Starter Grant, 2014 ‑ 2016, $29,550.
  • An exploration of how social context and type of living arrangement are linked to alcohol consumption amongst older Australians, Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation Ltd, Grant, 2011 ‑ 2012, $19,733.
  • Alcohol and older Australians: an investigation of alcohol consumption and social context in retirement villages compared with private residences, Edith Cowan University, ECU Early Career Researcher - Grant, 2011 ‑ 2012, $12,000.

Research Student Supervision

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Voices of partners of former commanding officers of the Australian special Air service regiment: A narrative enquiry

Principal Supervisor

  • Master of Public Health, No happy accident: Defining the factors contributing to the success and longevity of a long-running community engagement program
  • Master of Public Health, Investigating the practice and capacity of paediatric occupational therapists to promote the physical activity levels of children in Western Australian

Co-principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Holistic health: Shaping women's experiences of positive body image

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy, A public health perspective of the higher education experiences of women studying nursing: A hermeneutic inquiry into commencement and progression
  • Master of Public Health, Development of the meal framework: A multiliteracies approach to engaging adolescents in nutrition education
  • Master of Public Health, Homebirth in WA: Why women make this choice.
  • Master of Public Health, What significance does physical activity and sedentary behaviour have for members of online health promoting communities? Learning from Australia's heartnet community
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