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The Centre for Ecosystem Management is one of ECU’s most productive research centres. Our researchers have diverse research interests that include freshwater ecosystems, ecological water requirements, conservation biology, ecophysiology, semi-arid environments, the ecology of forests and woodlands and the cultural ecology of wetlands and other landscapes.

Centre for Ecosystem Management


The Centre for Ecosystem Management is involved in diverse research activities across our specialised research groups and key research areas.

News & events

Splendid fairy wrens like this one will be adversely impacted by the spread of dieback through Banksia woodlands according to new ECU Research.

Birds at risk from dieback

Native birds are a little known victim of dieback in the South West of Western Australia according to a new study by ECU researchers.

A malleefowl stalks through the scrub of South Western Australia.

No parenting award for malleefowl

Despite the trouble to build nests 20 metres wide, adult malleefowl leave their young to fend for themselves.

The elusive western ground parrot photographed here in captivity. Photo: Abby Berryman DPAW.

Elusive parrot not a flight risk

Why would a bird perfectly capable of flying decide to spend most of its life on the ground?

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