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The Centre for Ecosystem Management is one of ECU’s most productive research centres. Our researchers have diverse research interests that include freshwater ecosystems, ecological water requirements, conservation biology, ecophysiology, semi-arid environments, the ecology of forests and woodlands and the cultural ecology of wetlands and other landscapes.

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A feral cat in the bush. Pic Tim Doherty Thumbnail

Ferals, strays, pets: how to control the cats that are eating our wildlife

Feral domestic cats are a global threat to biodiversity and were recently named as the biggest threat to endangered Australian mammals.

The rainbow bee-eater is one of the most beautiful birds in Australia. Photo by Jennie Stock. Thumbnail

Stunner doesn’t mind getting down and dirty

The Rainbow Bee-eater is a sight to behold, gracing the sky with its splendid plumage of dazzling golden, emerald, and sapphire plumage, and bright red eyes.

A fat-tailed dunnart captured during fauna surveys at Charles Darwin Reserve. The pink mark on the ear is a temporary mark used for population studies. Photo credit: Joe Krawiec. Thumbnail

Pint-sized marsupial punches above its weight

The fat-tailed dunnart might look cute but the mouse-sized marsupial’s harmless exterior belies a ferocious spirit – they’ve been known to kill snakes and other predators when cornered.

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