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Police screening and other clearances

Before being permitted to attend clinical placements, students must have lodged and completed requests for the appropriate background checks. Checks may take up to three months from lodgement to complete and should be submitted during the first week of semester.

All students who anticipate working with the aged require a WA National Police Certificate. This is in addition to the other police screening requirements.


Visit the WA National Police Certificates website to apply online.


The National Police Clearance is valid for 3 years from date of issue.

When to apply

Before or early on in your first semester.


Once you have received your clearance please have a copy certified and upload to your Sonia record. The check will remain incomplete until a certified copy is uploaded.

It is a mandatory requirement that all students who anticipate a clinical placement, in an environment other than a health facility, where children are part of the population, require a National Criminal History Record Check prior to attending a clinical placement.

This is in addition to the other police screening requirements.


Please visit the National criminal history record check website to apply online. A copy of the application is available on the Clinical Placements Blackboard site.


Students are required to display their card clearly at all times whilst on clinical practice. Your national police clearance certificate will be valid across all states including Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, QLD, NT, WA, SA and ACT.

When to apply

Before or early in your first semester.

Note: Students must apply for National Police Certificate (NPC) first and attach to this application. Then there is no additional charge when National Police Clearance (NPC) is attached to the National Criminal History Record Check application if the NPC is less than 12 months old.


Once you have received your clearance please have a copy certified and upload to your Sonia record. The check will remain incomplete until a certified copy is uploaded.

Who can certify this clearance for me?

Please see the link below for a list of alternative organisations accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission to provide the National Police Checking Service - all certificates, including digital, must be certified by an authorised person (see link for designated persons)

The Working with Children Check (WWC) is a comprehensive criminal record check for certain people in child-related work in Western Australia. The WWC Check aims to increase the safety of children in our community by helping to prevent people who have a criminal history that indicates they may harm children from working with children.

A WWC card is a mandatory check that must be certified before uploading for processing.

First time applying for the WWC card:

The form is available at the Student Hub. Students cannot use online applications for WWC, they will not be accepted by the University. Paper application forms ONLY accepted for first time applications.

It has to be signed by an ECU Student central officer before you submit it to the post office for completion.

Valid for three years.

If you are not 18 years of age  you will not be issued with a working with children's card. You may apply 3 months before your birthday and upon turning 18 you will be issued with the card.

For card renewals:

You can apply online. You will need to state the following in your online application:

Once you put the email address in, the form should populate the rest, as the department has ECU's contact details. Please do NOT state the lecturer/co-ordinator’s email address.

You can still apply for renewal via the paper application form. If you do so, you should NOT also apply online.

A certified copy of your card will need to be uploaded to Sonia for processing.

Students from overseas on either temporary and/or permanent work visas are required to gain a criminal record history check prior to placement, to provide evidence of both:

  • a 'satisfactory' criminal record check from their country of origin and from any other country in which they have lived for 1 year or more in the last 10 years; and
  • a 'satisfactory' Australian National Police Certificate.

Once you have received your clearance, please upload a certified copy to Sonia for processing.

What are the consequences for me if something is identified on my clearances?

If information is disclosed by the National Criminal Record Check, National Police Certificate or Working with Children Check, you will need to make an appointment to see your school's Coordinator for clinical practice regarding your pre-practicum preparation.

The coordinator is obliged to inform facilities where you may be scheduled to attend for clinical practice of any disclosure.

The clinical facility will determine if you can attend as scheduled. If you cannot attend, the co-ordinator will try to place you at another clinical facility however, this cannot be guaranteed.

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