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Ageing and Aged Care

The Ageing and Aged Care Research Group (AACRG) is led by Professor's Beverly O'Connell, Davina Porock and Post-Doctoral Research Fellows, Dr Janine Alan and Dr Manonita Ghosh. The group focuses on the care of people in late life with natural age-related changes compounded by chronic and/or acute disease that impact their quality of life. The AACRG has a foundational philosophy of person-centred care which includes co-designing, conducting and disseminating research and practice development interventions with older adults, residents of residential aged care facilities (RACFs), family caregivers, health professionals, aged care providers, and other key stakeholders (eg. Government and peak bodies).

The AACRG aims to understand, discover, build evidence, raise awareness and improve outcomes for older people using multiple methodological approaches. For example, mixed methods, pragmatic trials, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and qualitative and quantitative secondary analysis from existing databases (including linked administrative datasets). From these approaches we aim to work collaboratively locally, nationally, and internationally to develop practice and improve outcomes for older adults and those that care for them.

The AACRG currently has three overarching and interlinking themes:

  • Living and dying well in residential aged care, improving care in RACFs and the intersections with community and acute care services (Lead Researcher: Professor Davina Porock),
  • Technology and commercialisation to promote independence and ageing in place (Lead Researcher: Dr Dana Dermody), and
  • Analysis of linked data relevant to aged care policy, monitoring and evaluation (Lead Researcher: Dr Janine Alan).
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