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Developing and testing an instrument to measure emotional comfort

There is increasing awareness of the importance of emotional wellbeing and the role this plays in the maintenance of health and the occurrence of illness. Previous work by A/Professor Anne Williams has highlighted the role of Emotional Comfort as a therapeutic state which varies on a day-to-day basis and is influenced by a number of environmental factors. The aim of this project is to develop and test an instrument which measures the state of Emotional Comfort. This instrument will represent a change in focus for evaluating positive health outcomes and it is anticipated that this will be a key tool for future researchers. Further research will stem from this project and continue to build on the work previously completed.


Associate Professor Anne Williams
SolarisCare Foundation Dr  Anna Petterson
Brightwater Care Group, Dr Caroline Bulsara 
The University of Western Australia, Associate Professor Kellie Bennett 
SolarisCare Foundation, Dr David Joske
The University of Western Australia, Dr Toni Musiello
Ms Leanne Lester
Ms Catherine Pienaar

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