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Childbearing, Children and Young People

Our goals are to transform and shape policy and practice.

At the Centre for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Services Research, we undertake innovative research to develop knowledge, evaluate effectiveness and implement change in healthcare through interventions, treatments and knowledge.

Research group goals:

  • The goal of the program is to discover and implement ways to improve the care and experience of childbearing women and their families through pregnancy and postpartum up to the age of 18 years.
  • The program aims to positively impact local, national and international practice in midwifery, children and young people.

Please view the sections below for a list of our projects and publications.


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  • Esther Adama: "Parents experiences ofcaring for preterm infants after discharge"
  • Diane Bloxsome: "Why do WA Midwives stay inMidwifery: A phenomenological investigation."
  • Louise Keys: "West Australian Midwives' Experiences of Implementing Evidence-Based Change: A Grounded Theory Study."
  • Sara Morris: Aug 2017 - PhD Integrated, Breech in conduct: The impact of the Term Breech Trial on vaginal breech birth in Western Australia.
  • Krystyl Wissemann: Aug 2017 - PhD Integrated, Exploring Western Australian midwives’ perspectives on vaginal seeding and the impact on their practice.
  • Yakubu Ismaila: Sept 2016 - PhD Publication, Factors affecting the delivery of quality maternity care in Ghana: A Glaserian Grounded Theory study.
  • Sara Davis: July 2017 - PhD Integrated, Midwifery Topic
  • Heba Farajallah: July 2017 - PhD, Palestinian Midwives’ evaluation of their practice environment and its impact on their intention to stay in their job and the midwifery profession.

Master by Research

  • Isabel Lester: July 2017 - Masters by Research, Midwifery Topic.

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