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Improving Outcomes for Adults with Chronic Health Conditions

At the Centre for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Services Research, we undertake innovative research to develop knowledge, evaluate effectiveness and implement change in healthcare through interventions, treatments and knowledge to transform and shape policy and practice.

Innovative care delivery and person centered outcomes in:

  • Self-management;
  • Families;
  • Palliative care;
  • eHealth;
  • Mental Health; and
  • Clinical discovery.

Please view the sections below for a list of our projects and publications.

What predicts regression from Pre-diabetes to normal glucose regulation?
Professor Lisa Whitehead plus seven external colleagues
Funding: Health Research Council of New Zealand - $1,111,511.00

Development of Simulation Resources: Professional Carer Education.
Dr Beth Jacob, Professor Anne Wilkinson, Dr Caroline Vafeas,  Dr Joyce Hendricks, Dr Vicki Cope
Funding: Dept. of Health WA - $99,956.00

Validation and impact of the four hour rule in the emergency department: a large data linkage study
Dr Nick Gibson with a number of external colleagues
Funding: NHMRC - $687,000

Insulin Stabilisation Ambulatory Program for Inpatients Discharged from Hospital – “Virtual Ward”
Dr Amanda Towell, Dr Linda Coventry, Gloria Daniels, Professor Di Twigg, Sue Davis, Narelle Cusack, Dr Nick Gibson, Kevin Murray
Funding: $25,500

Assessing the Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness of Targeted Advance Care Planning Interventions Among Patients with Severe Respiratory Disease in a Tertiary Hospital and a Rural Setting
Craig Sinclair, Kirstin Auret, Professor Anne Wilkinson, Dr. Fraiser Brims, Dr. Audrey Koay, Sharon Evans
Funding: SHRAC grant - $270,000.00

Younger Onset Dementia: An Education Package for Employed Carers
Dr Caroline Vafeas, Professor Anne Wilkinson, Dr Joyce Hendricks, Dr Beth Jacob, Dr Vicki Cope
Funding: Lovell Foundation - $50,000.00

Assessing the ‘at risk’ Elderly in an Independent Living Community
Professor Anne Wilkinson,Dr Joyce Hendricks, Dr Caroline Vafeas, Professor Moira Sim
Funding: ECU Industry grant - $29,924.00

SW Seniors Expo
Dr Jennifer Sharp and ECU SW Team
Funding: Faculty Small Grant - $5000 and Annual Implementation costs

Pre-diabetes Intervention Package in (PIPI) Primary Care Study – A qualitative evaluation.
Professor Lisa Whitehead, Coppell, K., Abel, S.  
Funding: $19,836


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  • Charlotte Chapman: A retrospective study into the communication surrounding the initiation and withdrawal of non-invasiveventilation (NIV) in patients with motor neurone disease.
  • Amanda Cole-Heath
  • Patricia Cook
  • Fiona Foxall: Shall we let them die? An exploration of the factors that affect decision-making concerning the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment in ICU.
  • Katherine Gallagher: Factors Influencing Resilience Among Haematological Cancer Survivors.
  • Julian James: The Treatment of Childhood Trauma: Essential Elements and Evidence-based Outcome Measures of Residential Treatment Programs.
  • Christine Mackey: The relationship between basal body temperature and patient outcomes in haematology patients experiencing febrile neutropenia.
  • Ahmad Mousa
  • Simone Muller: The influence of carer burden on the early admission of elderly individuals living with dementia into a residential aged care facility.
  • Lorna Rogers
  • Rebecca Schultz
  • Ulrich Steinwandel: Do inferior vena cava ultrasound measurements (IVC-US) by nursing staff improve assessment and management of intravascular volume status in the satellite haemodialysis clinic settings?

Masters by Research

  • Sushma Bhandari Kunwar
  • Melanie Buhlmann: Moving on after living with the impact of critical incidents in health care – an interpretive description of the perception of nurses and midwives.
  • Tracy Coward
  • Saskia Maes
  • Karen McCarthy: Evaluation of a ward-based Nurse Clinical Educator role on undergraduate nursing student outcomes and clinical nursing preceptor experiences.
  • Perry Mickle: Haemoglobin monitoring in Hip Fracture patients.
  • Dianne Tomlinson: An exploration of laryngomalacia: A qualitative case study.
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