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Adjunct appointments

School of Psychology and Social Science

  • Professor Sue Balandin
  • Dr Laureen Breen
  • Mr George Burns, Director, Milton H. Erickson Institute of WA and Hypnotherapy Centre of WA
  • Adjunct Professor Alison Garton
  • Dr Nancy Hudson-Rodd
  • Reverend Dr Philip Hughes
  • Dr Peter Kaldor
  • Dr Pam O’Connor, Women’s Healthworks
  • Honorary Associate Professor Lisbeth Pike
  • Ms Lynn Roarty, Curtin University
  • Dr Dyann Ross
  • Dr Anne Sibbel
  • Dr Anne Whitworth, School of Education, Communications and Language Siences, Newcastle University

Social Justice Research Centre

  • Emeritus Professor Alan Black
  • Adjunct Professor David Bradley, Victoria Police
  • Adjunct Professor Sherry Saggers
  • Associate Professor Margaret Sims, University of New England
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