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Making IT with Science

ECU’s School of Science and Makerspace Technology Centre are hosting Computer Science sessions for secondary students.

ECU Computer Science lecturers and students have developed a series of learning opportunities for high school students. These activities allow students to engage in computational, design and systems thinking.

Students will experience the computer science process that is needed to create digital solutions.

Data Representation - Code a Micro: bit to display signs and symbols, own names and simple messages
Data Communication - Use the radio capability to communicate with other devices (similar to walkie-talkies)
Security - Explore how communication can be compromised or interrupted
Digital Systems - Use sensors to solve problems and/or collect data: Innovate
Cost - Nil

Examples of Computer Science Careers are, Computer Programmer, Applications Developer, Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, Games Developer

If you are interested in bring your school to ECU contact:

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