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Tools of Innovation

ECU’s Makerspace belongs to the Computer and Security Science discipline in the School of Science. Our programs aim to engage girls, secondary students, parents, adults and/or educators, teachers with various types of digital technologies.

The BBC Micro: bits allows the user to engage in computational, design and systems thinking. These simple programmable devices can be coded and recoded allowing for an opportunity for participants to become to be innovators and problem solvers.

This will be achieved by coding and creating solutions using DIY electronics:

●     “Sensing”: reading light, temperature, and pressure sensory data.

●     “Doing”: controlling servos and motors, and representing sensory data.

●     “Storing”: collecting and reading periodic data for analysis.

●     “Communicating”: remotely controlling components and reporting sensory data.

If you are interested in bring your school to ECU contact:

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