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Capture the Flag Events

We offer a series of workshops, that are designed for high school aged students interested in learning more about the Cyber Security Challenges. Each of these workshops operate differently.

Cisco’s Introduction to Cyber Security – this is a free online course led by one of our ECU Students/Cisco Instructor. For an hour each week, High School students are taken through each of the chapters. We do this via Teams or Webex.

Learn to Linux – Linux is an open source operating system popular with programmers and developers. Linux uses Command Line Interface instead of the Graphical User Interface allowing the user to access and manage different features of an operating system. Participants are introduced to Linux operating systems including Ubuntu. Learn Linux and how to execute command line.


PeCan is Perth vs Canberra CTF where teams of 4 based here at ECU and teams of 4 based at ANU Canberra under the watch of ASD mentors compete against each other.

ECU and ANU cyber security students design cybersecurity challenges suitable for high school student’s year 10 and above. We all wanted something that would teach students the art of ethical hacking in a safe and secure environment. Challenges include Steganography, Cryptography, Web and Software Exploitation, Reverse Engineering and Digital Forensics.

Sponsors for the event include ECU’s Securing Digital Futures, WA’s AustCyber Innovation Hub, Australia’s Signals Directorate, Asterisk (CyberCX) and Hivint/Trustwave.

The competition will be held at ECU’s School of Science: Computing and Security building Level 2 with online participants joining us via Zoom.

For further information contact Dr Michelle Ellis

WACTF High School teams

This is the penultimate Capture The Flag (CTF) cyber security challenge for Western Australia. It is held over two days where your skills will be pitted against a range of technical challenges. A cyber security CTF is a type of information security competition where players solve security challenges from categories such as digital forensics, web application exploitation, and cryptography to get flags. Each flag has a points value associated with it based on the difficulty of the challenge.

This CTF has been built by people who work in the security field – penetration testers, developers, forensics specialists, etc. – with considerable input from industry. We’ve come together to put this event on to help uplift the profile of cyber security in W.A. – helping not only introduce new people to the field, but also to put industry and individuals together to help stop the brain drain (the exit of talent from W.A.) that we are seeing.

See for more details on how to enter

Cost: Usually no cost

When: During school time and school holidays

BYO: Water bottle, snacks and lunch

Where: Building 18, Level 1 or 2 Computer Labs

Parking Buses: Groups can be dropped off at the Main Entrance Joondalup Drive at ECU’s Library Building 31. Cars: Take Lakeside Drive entrance off Joondalup Drive, turn into Deakin Drive, go over the roundabout and into Red Carpark 14 – free on the weekend.


ECU is proud to be a member of SAGE’s Athena SWAN Australia. This initiative promotes gender equality and encourages opportunities for women in STEM.

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