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Coding workshops

Making IT w/ Science - Schools Program (Digital Technologies)

Become a software engineer by exploring Computer Science concepts and principles. We offer a series of plugged and unplugged hands-on activities for visiting high school groups which are linked to National Digital Technologies curriculum. Our program uses a purpose-built website that allows the user to code in pyblocky or python learning programming principles on the way.

Digital Systems/Creating Digital solutions

  • Introduction to pyblocky and python: Use computational thinking to develop code to program a microcontroller. Using BBC Micro: bits, this workshop introduces the user to pyblockly and python on our specially designed dual website. Explore the different functions available on a BBC Micro: bit such as the programmable buttons, Bluetooth, and wireless communication programming to them to do something.
  • Create a Game: Use computational thinking to develop a simple game. This workshop uses the programmable buttons, accelerometer and radio features on the BBC Micro: bit to create simple games such as Chase the Dot, Hide and Seek, Rock Scissors Paper or your new idea.
  • Micro:bits and pieces – use a breadboard, wires, external devices or some sensors to code a micro: bit. Learn how to create simple hand-held controllers, communicate information, or collect data. Learn how to code joysticks, buzzers, ultra-sonic ranger, and/or moisture sensors with a micro: bit.

Data Representation

  • Binary 101 – Draw then represent your design digitally! The BBC Micro: bit can show images and scroll messages across their 5x5 LED light display. In this workshop, students commence with base 2 unplugged activities moving into Binary code. After creating their own designs, students will digitise their images using the 5x5 display.

Creating digital Solutions

  • Micro: bit Hack-tivity – Explore the capabilities of a Micro: bit, understand real world applications, and create your own solutions to global goals. Come up with innovative ways to use a micro: bit to protect, preserve or to sustain our world.

Registration details will soon follow.

Cost: Nil

  • Dates: To be determined with the School
  • Time: half day or whole day workshops
  • BYO: Food and water bottle
  • Parking: Group drop off at Building 31 (ECU Library at the main entrance)

For more information, contact Michelle Ellis.

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