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News and events

Stay up-to-date with school research news and events and check out what's happening across the rest of the university.

Latest school news

It’s all in timing for Seagrass protection

Saving seagrasses from dredging – new research finds solutions

Workshop explores the science behind Blue Carbon research

Visiting fellows gain insight into the fundamentals in assessing carbon stored in marine and coastal habitats

ECU PhD student awarded prestigious funding to undertake world-first study

Congratulations to the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research PhD candidate Mrs Charlie Phelps, for winning the Australian Academy of Science Max Day Environmental Science Fellowship

The Security Research Institute Summer of Cyber - Summer of Stego

Summer of Stego - Application open now for paid R&D of cyber security work over the summer!

Hunting iron in sea ice

Months-long research trips across the world’s oceans are just part of the job for Dr Viena Puigcorbé Lacueva. Find out about the challenges of research on sea ice and glaciers of Antarctica.

Symposium highlights research on seagrass

Australia’s northern seagrass – resilience in the face of dredging

Latest university news

Research questions self-harm as cry for help

While self-harm has long been thought of as a cry for help, a research review finds the majority of people do it to relieve emotional distress.

Research suggests public favour rehabilitation over punitive punishment for young offenders

The public has a more sophisticated view of sentencing for young offenders than is often portrayed by advocates of law and order policies, research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) reveals. A survey of over 500 participants and 72 interviews has revealed that rehabilitation is the public’s primary concern.

New initiative aims to improve cancer outcomes in liver disease

A new initiative from Fiona Stanley Hospital and Edith Cowan University is set to improve research training and provide real-time tracking of outcomes for liver cancer. The hope is that Improving the Cancer Outcomes in Liver Disease (iCOILD) initiative will improve outcomes for a disease that costs Australians over $5 billion annually and sees more than 100 patients undergoing treatment at Fiona Stanley Hospital every week.

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

A quick explanation of our UniPrep courses, and how they offer an alternative entry pathway to a university degree. See more:…

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Didn't get the grades you wanted? Don't panic, you still have several options.

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Did you miss #ArtsHum2017? Here are some of the works by our graduating Graphic Design and Environmental & Spatial Deisgn students, they were on…

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