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As an undergraduate student:

  • you will receive instruction and demonstration in the safety policies and procedures of the School related to any laboratory activities in which you will be participating;
  • you will be provided with handouts or a laboratory workbook containing the handouts detailing these safety policies and procedures, which are relevant to laboratory activities that you will perform; and
  • you are required to sign an acknowledgement that you have received the above information and received appropriate instruction and demonstration, and that you understand, and will adhere to, the detailed procedures and policies.

The three steps above must be completed before you commence any laboratory work.

As a post-graduate student, you will be expected to:

  • complete the ECU online Occupational Health and Safety Induction (3 modules); and
  • complete an induction to the workplace and the laboratories that you may wish to access as part of your studies.

Risk Management

It is essential that all post-graduate students studying within the School ensure their own safety, and the safety of others. As part of risk management planning, you will be expected to:

  • attend a compulsory risk assessment seminar to understand the risk management process
  • complete a risk assessment and/or pre-research checklist, which identifies what the proposed project is, and the use of human subjects, animals, biological material, general chemicals, hazardous chemicals, radiation sources, and irradiating equipment

Induction PowerPoint for lecturers to show students

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