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Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation Research Group

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Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation Research Group

The Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation Research Group (AIORC) brings together researchers with specific interest in the development of applied and basic research involving interdisciplinary concepts from artificial intelligence, optimisation and simulation, games and mobile technology, image and signal processing. We create intelligent solutions in various domains such as computer games, health information technology, resource mining, software engineering, security and biometrics.

Since 2002, members of the groups have collaborated in the co-supervision of research students, grant applications, publication of journal and conference papers and in various research projects. Together with collaborators from Edith Cowan University, The University of Western Australia and Curtin University of Technology, they have attracted research funds totalling over $2.5 million and have achieved high publication outputs.

Our members have been involved in collaborative research projects with national and international academic collaborators as well as industry personnel.

Academic collaborators included:

  • The University of Western Australia, Dr Lyndon While, Dr Luigi Barone
  • Curtin University of Technology, Professor S. Venkatesh, Prof. G. West
  • The University of South Australia, Professor Peter Lee
  • School of Computer Science and Engineering Wenzhou University, China, Professor Huaizhong Li
  • Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis, The University of Western Australia, Professor Brendan Griffin
  • The North-East Normal University, China, Professor Yinghua Lu
  • Shanghai University of Electrical Power, China, Professor Heping Tu
  • The Jackson Lab, USA, Dr Shaoguang Li

Industry collaborators included:

  • Rio Tinto
  • Daesim Pty Ltd
  • BP Kwinana
  • WA Police
  • Thales Australia

Depending on the requirements and nature of the research projects, members of this group also collaborate with other synergistic groups within the School of Science as well as the ECU Security Research Institute.

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