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The Centre for Ecosystem Management is one of ECU’s most productive research centres. Our researchers have diverse research interests that include ecology and ecohydrology, conservation biology and biodiversity, ecological restoration, and sustainability and health. The breadth of the Centre’s research interests allows us to work in a truly interdisciplinary fashion, with partners both within and outside of the University.  For more information on the Centre’s activities, you can view our latest Prospectus here.

Research Themes

The Centre for Ecosystem Management is involved in a wide range of research activities across our four research themes.

News & events

Typhoid feature

Environmental Management

Researchers from Edith Cowan University are at the forefront of the fight against water-related diseases in the IndoPacific Region, with a focus on Fiji.

Unlike traditional medical research, the research team is intent on making a positive impact on human health through environmental management.

Network of greenhouses and rain shelters

We built a network of greenhouses and rain shelters to simulate what climate change will do to soils

This is one of the first studies to examine the impact of drought and warmer temperatures on living organisms below the ground (known as the soil biota), in biodiverse shrublands in Western Australia, near Eneabba, about 280km north of Perth. These areas are already suffering immense climate-related stress above ground as a result of rising temperatures and longer droughts. This is making these ecosystems extremely vulnerable with many plant species facing likely extinctions in the future.

Western ground parrot feeding on the ground

How we’re helping the western ground parrot survive climate change

Climate change affecting the success of endangered species translocations

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