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Conservation Biology and Biodiversity


Our researchers have a deep understanding of Western Australian bioregions and their biodiversity – and that knowledge enables us to design and undertake surveys, establish monitoring protocols, conduct specific research on populations, species and communities, all to put in place adequate and appropriate measures to protect and/or restore biodiversity. Research under this theme has wide-reaching consequences, as our ecosystems provide important resources such as food, medicine, industrial products, and ecosystem services; all of which are affected by the loss of biodiversity. Research disciplines within the CEM associated with conserving biodiversity include wildlife conservation and management, biogeography, systematics, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Molecular techniques are applied to investigate evolutionary relationships and assist conservation of rare and endangered species in inland waters of southern and western Australia. Genotyping, population genetics, environmental DNA (eDNA), metagenomics and functional genomics are some of the techniques utilised. The Centre has specific projects on freshwater ecological communities, subterranean faunas, and ancient communities, and is well known internationally for, among other things, its freshwater crustacean research.

Theme Researchers

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