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Ecological Restoration


While protecting biodiversity and ecosystems from degradation is undoubtedly a major priority, restoration of damaged areas is equality crucial. Ecological restoration enables ecosystem services to be improved, benefiting both the ecological and human communities. Our researchers are engaged in the restoration of native vegetation following clearing, the ecological effects of reinstating hydrological regimes or the cessation of pollutant discharge, and the recovery of ecosystems postfire and post-flood. Of particular significance to the CEM is mine site rehabilitation, with extensive research being conducted in this area. Mining in Western Australia is a mainstay of the economy, and mine sites are common features of the landscape. Many of the mine sites operate with strict environmental conditions, emphasizing the challenging nature of rehabilitating land and water following (or during) mining activity. Many postgraduate opportunities exist in this field, and the CEM has an active research agenda in areas such as vegetation management, mine pit lakes, and closure criteria for river diversions.

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