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Centre for Integrative Metabolomics and Computational Biology - ECU Strategic Research Centre

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Vision and purpose

Our research is setting the standard for future research which explores human health through metabolomic systems biology.

As our understanding of human biology evolves, it is becoming evident that to maintain population health we cannot separate an individual's genes from the context of their unique microbiota, diet, lifestyle, and environment. The language of this systems-level communication is the metabolome - the complete set of low molecular weight (bio)chemicals present within an organism, cell, or tissue.

Our Centre will set the standard for which future research explores human health through metabolomic systems biology. It will enable scientists and students from a broad range of health disciplines to establish research programs in this challenging multidiscipline research area.

We will provide insight into the fundamental metabolomic processes underpinning human health using high-resolution biochemical profiling, which when integrated with genomic and epidemiological data, using artificial intelligence, will enable rapid and effective health-care provision.

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