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At the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research (CMER) we use applied and fundamental research to improve our understanding of the ecological processes of coastal marine systems, and how these respond to both natural and human induced pressures.

Research themes

The Centre conducts research across the themes of:

Research in these themes encompasses a wide range of reef and seagrass ecosystems, from tropical to temperate environments.

News & events

Dr Oscar Serrano led the team which quantified the amount of blue carbon being absorbed by Australian marine ecosystems.

New research puts Australia at forefront of blue carbon economy

In world-first research, ECU researchers and an international team of collaborators have accurately quantified the amount of greenhouse gasses – or ‘blue carbon’ – being absorbed and emitted by Australian marine ecosystems.

Seagrass ecosystems play an important role in offsetting climate change as well as a habitat for endangered marine creatures.

Scientists narrow in on blue carbon’s role in climate change

New research outlines the most important challenges facing coastal ecosystems playing a huge role in offsetting climate change.

CMER group at AMSA 2019

CMER research attracts national interest

Members of the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research (CMER) contribute to safeguarding the health of our estuaries

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