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Collaboration opportunities

We encourage anyone who has a cyber security related problem on our areas of expertise to contact us and see what we can do to help each other. The following is an outline of some of our existing collaborations many of which are decadal in nature.

Cyber security is a national and international research priority ECUSRI has a long track record of excellence in cyber security research and impact. Locally ECUSRI collaborates with WA Government and contributes significantly to the state's cyber security capability through provision of expertise to the Office of Digital Government, the Office of the Auditor General and WA Police. We also actively work with other departments in improving their cyber security posture.

We work very closely with the WA police and this was further cemented when WA Police Cybercrime and high-tech crime investigation squads were co-located on campus from September 2020. ECU has been actively collaborating with WA Police since 2001 and with the WA Office of Auditor General since 2008.

Nationally we are recognised as an Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence by the Australian Federal government. ECU and Cisco as the founding members of the Australian Cyber Security Research Institute (ACSRI) were the team that lead the 2016 bid that created the 7 year 140 million Cyber Security CRC (CSCRC) and is one of the 6 academic participants. ECU is now also the headquarters for the CSCRC.

ECUSRI has a long and ongoing relationship with the Federal Attorney Generals Department – D Branch. We also collaborate with the AFP, Australian Signals Directorate and others.

Internationally, we have two current members of the Interpol Cyber Crime Experts Group and one member of the Interpol Digital Forensics Experts Group. It should be noted that only six academics belong to Interpol Cyber Crime Experts Group. Team members regularly contribute and are members to IFIP and other standards bodies, have editorial roles in international and national journals and conferences. Members also belong to professional bodies ACS, BCS, IEEE, IFIP, AISA and have held senior roles in these organisations.

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