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How Cyber-Safe is your business?

For small to medium business owners who think they are too small to land on the radar of cyber criminals, it is time to think again.

  • Small business are the target of 43% of all cyber crimes in Australia.
  • Whether you have a business with one employee or 100, you can be targeted.
  • Hackers only need to target one employee to gain access to your business data.

What is Cyber Check.Me

Cyber Check.Me aims to provide cyber security information and un-biased advice to local businesses and community members through a series of pop-ups at local business events/forums and locations in the City of Joondalup and City of Wanneroo business districts.

The Cyber Check.Me initiative aims to provide community members and small to medium businesses (SME’s) with the basic precautions to protect against loss of time, money, private information and reputational damage.

The pop-ups will also provide the opportunity to book a free private consult with one of the Cyber Check.Me experts to bring in their electronic devices and be educated on how to better protect themselves and their business from cyber security threats.

Who is Cyber Check.Me for?

Cyber Check.Me is for anyone in a small to medium business who wants to protect themselves and their business from cyber criminals.

A business that conducts one or all of the following tasks as part of their day-to-day business operations could be at risk:

  • Accepts or makes online payments.
  • Has a public website.
  • Stores payroll, accounting or customer information online.
  • Use card-swipe apps to process credit card transactions.
  • Use quotation and invoice generation tools.
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