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Keep your business cyber secure this festive season

Tuesday, 03 December 2019


It is the time of year for celebrations, family, friends and shopping as we look towards the New Year.  Unfortunately, it is also a prime time for cyber criminals and scams targeting small business and consumers.

Scamwatch recently advised Australians have so far lost more money to online scams in 2019 than in the whole of 2018, with reported losses of over $4 million in online shopping scams alone.

At this time of year, cyber criminals particularly target small businesses due to their lack of time and resources.  It is important that everyone continues to stay vigilant during this busy time.

Here are some quick cyber security tips from Cyber Check.Me to keep you and your business cyber secure this festive season.

  1. Be aware of false billing scams that request you to pay fake invoices – limit the number of people who have authority to buy or order something in your business and carefully check the email including the email address, subject line and content
  2. Be wary if a suppliers bank details have changed and call them to confirm prior to making payment
  3. Keep all your devices up to date and secure – update all security software and back up your data regularly to ensure your business network remains secure
  4. If you are going away, be mindful of using public WiFi when carrying out financial and sensitive activities such as online banking - consider using a VPN which can protect your information and allow you to conduct these activities securely
  5. Protect your devices and ensure they are all password protected, preferably with two-factor authentication and keep those screens locked

Cyber Check.Me will be offering free 1-on-1 cyber consultations to SME’s in 2020.  These consultations are a great opportunity to ensure your business has the basic cyber precautions in place to help keep you cyber secure in the New Year. Please email if you wish to register your details for a consultation.


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