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Our partners

The WA Cyber Hub have a program of engaged research at community level through the CyberCheckMe initiative where a multi-disciplinary approach is needed and undertaken to engage with SME’s about cyber security.

Extensive collaboration with other universities is clearly evinced by ECUSRI's participation in broad research networks namely the Australian-based Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC) and the international LexConverge network.  There are selected collaborations with cyber security centric universities including Embry Riddle University (USA), Plymouth University (UK), DeMontFort University (UK) who have common research interests, and ECUSRI is a signatory to the Data61 DUCA agreement. Data61 is also part of the CSCRC.

ECUSRI are effectively collaborating with government at WA State and Federal level across a range of agencies relevant to their research endeavors drawn from intelligence (ASIO, ASD, ASIS) cyber security (ASD, Department of Home Affairs, DFAT) and law enforcement (State and Federal Police).

International collaboration is ongoing with INTERPOL, Netherlands Institute for Forensic Science (NIFS) several police forces, and the US Government.

Industrial partners include Cisco, Woodside, FMG and IBM, all of whom have provided significant in-kind contributions to the development of ECUSRI over the past decade. Newer relationships have been established with Penten, Red Piranha and Sapien Cyber, and others in the cyber security industry.

Many of these partners are the source for much of ECUSRI's research activity due to their focus on applied and relevant research. This will continue moving forward as these relationships continue to mature.

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