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Major funding bodies and core participants in the Institute are:

Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)

Grant entitled: Reduced herbicide usage through application technology.

Tropiglas Technologies

Design and development of selective Sunshine Glazing (SSG) Systems to use in Glass Window Panels Capable of Heat Protection Simultaneous with Harvesting of the Incident Solar Energy.

Murdoch University, National Centre Excellence in Desalination

Grant entitled: Applying a Fibre-Optic based surface plasmon resonance sensor prototype in desalination.

University of Western Australia (UWA)

Collaboration with Professor Barry Marshall (Nobel Laureate).

Viracon Industries

Design and development of advanced low-emissivity optical coatings on glass substrates.

Aramco and King Hahid University of Petroleum and Minerals

Fibre-optic sensors for oil quality analysis.

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)-Sweden

Magneto-photonic crystals.

Swinburne University

NanoPhotonics, quantum information processing.

Department of Engineering, University of Adelaide

Microelectronics, biomedical engineering.

Photonic Detection Systems Pty Ltd, Perth

Development of a pre-production prototype for a laser-based plant sensing weed control system.

Sydney University

Ultra fast optical systems and components for telecommunications.

University of Melbourne

Optical telecommunications. Photonics and fibre optics.

Michigan Technology University, USA


Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russia

Investigating the applications of magneto-optics and magnetic photonic crystals.

Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine

Collaboration in the area of micro-/nano-photonic systems, Opto-VLSI processing and programming, micro- and nano-photonic design, fabrication, characterisation and testing to investigate the possibility of realising devices and systems for a variety of applications.

Hanyang University

Quantum information processing and magnetic materials.

The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, South Korea

Collaborative research and development of applications in the areas of atomic magnetometers.

Lebanese University

Collaborating on research projects in the fields of microelectronics, micro- and nano-photonics, fibre optics, microwave and networking.

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

New Opto-VLSI and Opto-ULSI device development and packaging.

China Daheng Group

Advanced optical coatings and biomedical device development.

University of South Wales, UK

Biomedical and diagnostic device research.

Southeast University, South Korea


Peking University, China

Collaborating on optical communication systems and devices.

Chengdu Institute of Optics, China

Adaptive Optics.

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