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The Electron Science Research Institute (ESRI) engages in fundamental and applied nanotechnology research and development. Research activities cover the areas of design, fabrication, and characterisation of photonic devices based on magnetically reconfigurable integrated photonic nanostructures (magnetic photonic crystals).

Our world-class Micro-/Nano-Photonic fabrication and characterisation facility includes photonic and electronic laboratories equipped for state-of-the-art design, development and characterisation, as well as a 256m2 clean-room equipped for material growth, etching, characterisation, metallisation, photolithography, thermal and e-beam evaporation, RF magnetron sputtering, focused ion beam milling, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, spectrophotometry and fluorometry. In addition, ESRI conducts Research and Development (R&D) into, and optimises, optoelectronic, nanophotonic, microfabrication-related and renewable-energy technologies in close collaboration with industry, to ensure their readiness for the emerging markets that can result from the successful commercialisation of new technologies.

Through our established international research collaboration network with leading nanotechnology institutions, ESRI also has access to semiconductor, laser and nanophotonic fabrication facilities in China and South Korea. ESRI’s nanophotonic facilities are suitable for the synthesis of new and advanced photonic materials that could lead to new science and new technologies.

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