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Getting started

This step-by-step guide outlines the tasks you will need to complete during your Honours degree.

1. Nominate your supervisor

Supervisors can be nominated on your application form during the enrolment stage. If this is not confirmed at this point in the process, complete a Nomination of Supervisor Form. This same form can be used if you need to change your supervisor over the course of your research.

2. Research proposal

During the first semester you will prepare your research proposal with assistance from your supervisor. This will include choosing a topic, undertaking a literature review, risk assessment and management plan, and a project management plan.

3. Risk assessment and management plan

A Risk Assessment form is required as part of undertaking a research degree. With your supervisor, you must identify potential risks and create a risk management plan to mitigate those risks.

4. Research proposal review process

The review process is managed at the school level. As each school has slightly different review processes it is your responsibility to contact your supervisor or School Honours Coordinator to determine your school’s review process.

5. Ethics clearance

Once you have completed your research proposal and you are ready to begin research, you must have ethics clearance before you commence your data collection. You will either submit an Ethics Declaration (with attached abstract) or an Ethics Application (with attached revised research proposal). Both can be completed via STREAM.

6. Conduct research and write thesis

Once you receive correspondence informing you that you have ethics clearance, you may begin your research. We suggest you keep in close contact with your supervisor, update your risk management plan if necessary, begin writing your thesis, and make use of support networks.

7. Examination of thesis

Your supervisor, in consultation with you, will find and nominate appropriate examiners to undertake the marking of your thesis. Once two examiners have agreed to mark the thesis, your supervisor will submit a Nomination of Examiners Form to the Dean of School for approval four weeks before you expect to submit your thesis. You are not permitted to have contact with the examiners. Your supervisors should submit your final thesis to the School Honours Coordinator, who will be responsible for coordinating the examination process.

8. Grade

Once your thesis has been examined, your final Honours grade will be established in consultation with your Honours supervisor. This final grade will be ratified at the next Board of Examiners (BoE). You and your supervisor are sent the marked thesis and Examiners Reports and you are then required to make any final changes to the thesis. Upon completion, the supervisor must inform the School Honours Coordinator to confirm that the examiners suggestions have been considered and the thesis adjusted to the satisfaction of the supervisor.

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