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Dr Peter Hannay

Peter Hannay is a researcher and lecturer based within the School of Science. His research is focused on the acquisition and analysis of data from small and embedded devices, with a particular focus on locational history. Peter is also involved in network vulnerability, malware and OT research projects under the banner of the Security Research Institute.

Research Areas and Interests

  • Small and embedded device forensics, with focus on locational history
  • Software vulnerability discovery and exploit development
  • Malware analysis


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Edith Cowan University, 2017.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science with First Class Honours, Edith Cowan University, 2009.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science Major Software Engineering, Edith Cowan University, 2007.


Recent Research Grants

  • Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence,  Department of Education and Training,  Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence,  2017 - 2021,  $950,287.
  • Vulnerabilities in Ship Control Systems,  Defence Science and Technology Group of the Department of Defence,  Grant,  2017 - 2018,  $400,000.
  • Authentication and Authorisation for Entrusted Unions (AU2EU),  European Commission,  Grant - Seventh Framework Programme (FP7),  2013 - 2015,  $584,907.
  • Review of Vulnerability in Smart Grid Appliances and Networks,  Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet,  Grant - Research Support For National Security,  2010 - 2012,  $77,154.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Journal Articles

  • Malik, M., McAteer, I., Hannay, P., Baig, Z., (2018), Preparing for Secure Wireless Medical Environment in 2050: A Vision. IEEE Access, 6(N/A), 25666-25674, University of Maryland, IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2833509.
  • Baig, Z., Szewczyk, P., Valli, C., Rabadia, P., Hannay, P., Chernyshev, M., Johnstone, M., Kerai, P., Ibrahim, A., Sansurooah, K., Syed, N., Peacock, M., (2017), Future Challenges for Smart Cities: Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics. Digital Investigation, 22(August 2017), 3-13, Oxon, United Kingdom, Elsevier Advanced Technology, DOI: 10.1016/j.diin.2017.06.015.
  • Chernyshev, M., Valli, C., Hannay, P., (2016), On 802.11 Access Point Locatability and Named Entity Recognition in Service Set Identifiers. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 11(3), 584 - 593, Piscataway, USA, IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/TIFS.2015.2507542.
  • Hannay, P., (2013), Geo Forensics: Classes of Locational Data Sources for Embedded Devices. IACSIT International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 5(2), 261-264, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Conference Publications

  • Chaudhry, J., Farmand, S., Islam, S., Islam, MR., Hannay, P., Valli, C., (2018), Discovering trends for the development of novel authentication applications for dementia patients. International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Cyber Security and Intelligence, Applications and Techniques in Cyber Security and Intelligence, 580(16-18 June, 2017), 220-237, China, Springer, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-67071-3_29.
  • Wakeling, S., Hannay, P., Baig, Z., (2017), A review of data breaches and losses that occurred from laptops that were stolen or otherwise misplaced in 2015 and 2016. Proceedings of the 15th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 97-107, Perth, WA, Edith Cowan University, DOI: 10.4225/75/5a84fe5695b55.
  • McElroy, T., Hannay, P., Baatard, G., (2017), The 2017 Homograph Browser Attack Mitigation Survey. Proceedings of the 15th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 88-96, DOI: 10.4225/75/5a84fe5695b55.
  • Woolley, C., Ibrahim, A., Hannay, P., (2017), Building a dataset for image steganography. Proceedings of the 15th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, 36-45, Perth, W.A., Edith Cowan University, DOI: 10.4225/75/5a83a0541d284.
  • Johnstone, M., Baig, Z., Hannay, P., Carpene, C., Feroze, M., (2016), Controlled Android Application Execution for the IoT Infrastructure. Internet of Things: Second International Summit, IoT 360° 2015 Revised Selected Papers, Part I, 169(26-27 Oct 2015), 16-26, Cham, Switzerland, Springer Verlag, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-47063-4_2.
  • Chernyshev, M., Valli, C., Hannay, P., (2016), Service set identifier geolocation for forensic purposes: Opportunities and challenges. Proceedings of the 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Article no. 7427866, IEEE Computer Society, DOI: 10.1109/HICSS.2016.678.
  • Heriyanto, A., Valli, C., Hannay, P., (2015), Comparison of live response, Linux memory extractor (lime) and mem tool for acquiring android's volatile memory in the malware incident. Proceedings of 13th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, 5-14, Perth, WA, ECU Security Research Institute.
  • Chernyshev, M., Valli, C., Hannay, P., (2015), 802.11 Tracking and Surveillance - A Forensic Perspective. Proceedings of the International Conference on Security and Management (SAM'15), 349-352, WorldComp.
  • Chernyshev, M., Hannay, P., (2015), Security assessment of IoT devices: The case of two smart TVs. Proceedings of the 13th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, 85-94, Perth, WA, Security Research Institute, Edith Cown University.
  • Valli, C., Woodward, A., Hannay, P., Johnstone, M., (2014), Why penetration testing is a limited use choice for sound cyber security practice. Proceedings of the 2014 ADFSL Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law, 35-40, Virginia, USA, Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law.
  • Hope, H., Hannay, P., (2014), The impace of custom ROM backups on android external storage erasure. Proceedings of the 12th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, 94-101, ECU, DOI: 10.4225/75/57b3e5dbfb880.
  • Chernyshev, M., Hannay, P., (2014), The zombies strike back: Towards client-side beef detection. Proceedings of the 12th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, 26-34, Perth, W.A., ECU, DOI: 10.4225/75/57b3de3dfb87a.
  • Hannay, P., Carpene, C., Valli, C., Woodward, A., Johnstone, M., (2013), Exchanging Demands: Weaknesses in SSL Implementations for Mobile Platforms. Proceedings of the 11th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 42-48, Perth, Western Australia, Security Research Centre, Edith Cowan University.
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