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Miss Lisa Craft

Overview of thesis

Title: Morphometric analysis of the phylogeny of Lambertia Sm. (Proteaceae): A model genus for understanding inflorescence ontogeny in Proteaceae.

This study has two aims: 1) to complete a phylogeny of the genus Lambertia Sm (Proteaceae) using morphometric analysis and 2) to use the unusual and variable inflorescence forms found in Lambertia to understand inflorescence ontogeny and evolution within Proteaceae. Lambertia’s inflorescences are unusual because there are examples of solitary flowers and inflorescences, determinate and indeterminate inflorescences and flowers borne singly and in pairs. The second aim will involve using histology sections and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to assess inflorescence structure at different stages of development. This study will achieve a phylogeny of Lambertia verified by phylogenetic principles and including all Lambertia taxa. As well, there will be species descriptions and keys provided for conservation and research practitioners. This study will provide a full assessment of inflorescence ontogeny across the entire genus of Lambertia and accomplish a better understanding of inflorescence ontogeny and evolution within Proteaceae.


  • Bachelor of Science (Botany) Honours, University of Western Australia (2014-2016)
  • Bachelor of Science (Botany and Genetics), University of Western Australia (2011-2014)



Miss Lisa Craft
Masters by Research Student
Centre for Ecosystem Management
School of Science
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